10 Great Websites for Free PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint is still a aristocrat when it comes to display software. It’s been around for ages and any new chronicle adds some-more facilities and creates a product even better. The categorical problem with PowerPoint is that many people can’t emanate stylish or pleasing presentations on their possess given that requires a high turn of pattern skill.

Luckily, there are literally tens of thousands of giveaway PowerPoint templates for flattering many any topic, thought or judgment underneath a sun. In this article, I’m going to discuss 10 websites where we can find good PowerPoint templates that can be downloaded instantly, customarily though any registration.

I’ve also left forward and scanned any of a websites mentioned next with VirusTotal to make certain they don’t have any malware or spyware issues. we would also advise we indicate any record we download with your possess pathogen scanner usually to be on a protected side. Normally, if we use a web browser like Chrome, it will indeed perform a pathogen indicate on any record we download, so that’s another covering of protection.

Built-in PowerPoint Templates

Before we get into a 15 websites, we should also discuss that there are a integrate of hundred templates we can use from within PowerPoint itself. Open PowerPoint and you’ll see thumbnail images for about 30 or so templates.

powerpoint new file

You can find a lot some-more by usually behaving a hunt regulating a hunt box during a top. If we usually wish to see all a options, click on one of a suggested searches and afterwards you’ll see a prolonged list of categories we can select from.

powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates

Presentation Magazine

presentation magazine

This website apparently has accurately 56,574 giveaway PowerPoint templates! They have a outrageous series of categories that we can crop by or we can hunt by tags or specific colors. In addition, they have a apart territory usually for PowerPoint backgrounds, in box that is all we are looking for. To get a template, click on a display and afterwards click on a Download PPTX button. No registration required.

Smile Templates

simple templates

This website has several hundred nice-looking templates that can be downloaded for free. Note that a giveaway template has usually 3 slides, that is totally fine. They try to sell we a 24-slide download for a whopping $18! Don’t do that as we can make all those slides yourself regulating a 3 giveaway ones. Registration required.

PowerPoint Styles

powerpoint styles

PowerPoint Styles has several hundred templates that we can crop by category, color, tag, many viewed, many recently combined or many downloaded. Simply click on a Download now symbol on a template page to get a file, no registration required.



This website has about 3,000+ templates that we can hunt for by tags, colors, categories or tip rated. You can download a files in ZIP format and there is no registration required. Just be clever if we get thrown over to their sister site SlideModel since those are not giveaway presentations.


free ppt templates

This website has some unequivocally good looking templates in Widescreen or Standard format. There aren’t unequivocally many, though a ones they do have are of high-quality. You can download them though any registration.



TemplatesWise has a vast collection of templates done from photographs, epitome graphics and shave art. Categories embody business, finance, inlet and travel. Besides templates, a site offers giveaway charts, diagrams, icons and song loops. Basically anything indispensable for a good PowerPoint display can be found here.



This site has one difficulty with about 250+ giveaway templates. Again, it’s not a lot of templates, though they are of good quality. All a other templates on a site cost money. If we wish to download a template, we possibly have to register or we have to give a site a Facebook like or a tweet.



This website has usually about 18 giveaway templates, though they are unequivocally professional-looking templates and that’s because I’ve enclosed them in a list. There are a lot of sites out there with lots of templates, though many of a templates are terrible looking. In sequence to download we have to supplement a object to your transport and afterwards register for an account.

KingSoft Office

kingsoft office

KingSoft Office has an bureau apartment that is identical to Microsoft Office and their website has a territory with giveaway PowerPoint templates. The templates are flattering basic, though they have some specific holiday categories like Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Years, etc. that we don’t see on other sites.



This website has about 400 giveaway templates we can download and many of them are unequivocally unique. Click on a small download idol and afterwards register in sequence to finish a download.

Hopefully, browsing these sites should give we adequate templates to select from for your presentation. Actually, with so many choices, we competence finish adult wasting some-more time acid for a ideal template rather than formulating one! If we have a idea for a site that we have used in a past, feel giveaway to let us know in a comments. Enjoy!

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