4 Ways to Safely Backup iPhone iPad Photos and Videos

If we have an iPhone, generally a 4S, we substantially use it to take a lot of photos and videos. The camera is flattering good and it approach some-more accessible to lift out a phone rather than perplexing to go get a hulk SLR camera from opposite a residence while your baby daughter is observant her initial word! Well, during slightest it is for me.

And if you’ve review anything online, we substantially listened about a Wired author Mat Honan, who got crazy hacked and had his iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro totally wiped by hackers and mislaid all of his changed photos and videos of his daughter given he didn’t make a backup.

I fast satisfied after reading that essay that if someone were to clean my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro, we would remove a whole lot of unequivocally critical data. we do backups frequently regulating Time Machine and we have iCloud Backup enabled on my iPhone and iPad, yet given my information is fragmented all over a place, we would still remove a lot of stuff.

This got me to go by all my photos and videos and settings on my inclination and make certain all a tide things was corroborated adult outwardly and any new videos and photos taken on my iPhone would be automatically corroborated up. In this article, we will travel we by what we have finished to scrupulously backup all my iPhone/iPad/MacBook data, including photos and videos.

Method 1 – iTunes/iCloud

The easiest approach to backup all is to use iCloud or iTunes. Open iTunes, bond your device and afterwards right-click on it and select Backup:

backup iphone

This will manually backup your device to iTunes. Note that if we have iCloud backup incited on, we can still locally backup your device regulating this method. we rarely advise doing a backup in iTunes also as I’ve attempted to revive an iCloud backup before and it didn’t work. iCloud is nice, yet it doesn’t seem to be terribly arguable during this point.

To spin on iCloud backup, go to Settings on your device, daub iCloud and daub Storage and Backup.

Icloud backup

Turn it on and afterwards possibly let a device backup on it’s possess or we can manually perform a backup to iCloud if we don’t wish to wait. Make certain your device is connected to a energy source and WiFi before starting a backup.

The usually thing about subsidy your inclination adult this approach is that if we undo a singular video, for example, and wish to revive that, we have to do a finish revive of a device. Now it’s good if your device gets wiped completely, afterwards we can revive a whole thing from backup and you’ll have all your photos and videos and all else.

Method 2 – iPhoto/Picasa

If you’re on a Mac, another good choice is iPhoto. You can set it adult so that whenever we bond your device to your Mac, it will automatically import all of a photos and videos. After a import, we can select possibly to keep them on a device or undo them.


iPhoto is giveaway for Mac and is also a good approach to classify all your photos and videos. It’s fundamentally Picasa for Mac. On Windows, we can use Picasa. we like Picasa some-more given if we have a Google account, we can import all your photos and videos from your iPhone/iPad and afterwards upload them to your Google+ Photos account. With iPhoto, there is no integrate to iCloud solely for Photostream, that we will discuss later. It would be unequivocally good if Apple came out with their possess cloud backup that authorised video uploads.


The good thing about Picasa is that it will also let we upload your videos, including a ones shot on any of your Apple devices. You can also afterwards simply share a photos and videos regulating Picasa Web Albums. If you’re regulating iPhoto, afterwards we advise your spin on Time Machine on your Mac and make certain it’s corroborated adult to some outmost drive. You don’t wish a photos/videos usually on your mechanism either.

Method 3 – Photostream

The usually cloud choice accessible from Apple is a Photostream, that will automatically upload and store a final 1,000 photos we have taken. Even yet it gets absolved of a photos after 30 days or after 1,000 photos, it’s still improved than nothing. Also, if we have a Mac, afterwards we can use iPhoto and capacitate a Photostream inside iPhoto.

iPhoto will download all a cinema from a stream, yet it will also automatically emanate a monthly backup of all your Photostream pictures. So even if we undo all a photos off your device, as prolonged as we open iPhoto a few times a month, it will save all a photos that were ever in a Photostream.


Method 4 – Dropbox/Google+

The final process and a one we use a many is to backup to Dropbox and/or Google+. You can download a Dropbox and Google+ iPhone and iPad apps and have your photos and vides automatically uploaded to possibly cloud service. It’s a good approach to now backup any photos and videos we take on your device. Both apps will also upload any now stored photos and videos too.

dropbox upload

On Dropbox, usually daub on Camera Upload and capacitate it. It will afterwards start uploading all to a Camera Uploads folder in your Dropbox account. In Google+, daub a settings idol during a bottom and afterwards daub on Instant Upload.

instant upload

There are a few downside to these apps. One of a vital ones is that a apps will automatically upload your photos and videos, yet a app has to constantly be using in a background. On tip of that, after 10 mins of using in a background, we have to open a app again in sequence for it to continue uploading. This is given of a approach iOS restricts apps on a iPhone/iPad.

It is unequivocally inconvenient, yet it’s valid unequivocally useful for me on many times. we have taken videos and that same day they have been deleted by my iPhone-loving 2-year aged daughter! So whenever take a video, we open Dropbox and let it finish uploading. we have to keep an eye on a phone and start a app again a integrate of times, yet it’s unequivocally not a large understanding given we am looking during my phone 100 times a day anyway.

What process do we use to backup your iPhone/iPad photos and videos? Let us know in a comments. Enjoy!

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