AMD Radeon RX Vega Graphics Card Pictured in Upcoming Teaser – It’s Got A Soul! And A Brain [Updated]

Yesterday,  cinema of what is substantially a anxiety pattern of a Radeon RX Vega graphics label leaked out around Chiphell. The images were posted on chatter by a user and uncover cinema of what looks like a promo video showcasing a RX Vega using on screen. If this video is indeed a central thing, afterwards this design was substantially taken by an worker of AMD’s selling department.

RX Vega graphics label speckled in a wild

The video appears to be teasing a RX Vega graphics label from a association (as is apparent by a trademark on a backplate) and facilities a really good white-black tone cultured with red accents. The backplate is all white and facilities a red Vega trademark as good as a Radeon branding. A black drop switch can also be seen on a backplate that is possibly for changing a bios of a graphics label or for changing a colors of a LEDs. The energy and Tach LEDs can also be seen besides a energy connectors, that aren’t distinct due kid he bad peculiarity of a image.

The video also has an engaging tab line, “IT’s GOT A SOUL” that could possibly be a pointed joke on NVIDIA Graphics Card being ‘soulless’ or could impute to an LED lightning outcome (breathing outcome etc).

[Update 17th Mar 2017 3:31 PM] Videocardz has usually posted a following new cinema of a same teaser:

AMD’s high finish RX Vega graphics label will enclose 64 Compute Units, that (assuming a same ratio of CU to SPs as a stream iteration of GCN) translates to accurately 4096 Stream Processors. The inner codename of this GPU is GFX9 (in this box a device ID is 687F:C3). Remember all a inner nomenclature analysis? Well, it’s a same thing, usually in a some-more appealing format. Hawaii was GFX7, Polaris is GFX8 and RX Vega is GFX9.

The RX Vega GPU is settled as being made on a 14nm FinFET node that means we are looking during essentially GlobalFoundries formed chips here (with Samsung formed chips as compulsory underneath a nice WSA). It will be shipping with 8GB of HBM memory (type different during this point, though it should be HBM2), with 2048-bit train width.

With a singular pointing discriminate of 12.5 TeraFLOPs per second on a GPU with 4096 cores, and deliberation TeraFLOPs is a duty of Clock Speed * 2 Instructions Per Clock * Cores, we are looking during a RX Vega 10 graphics label that needs to be clocked during roughly 1526 MHz. Considering a fact that a already suggested MI25 is passively cooled it should be means to grasp this symbol in due time and even surpass it. The specifications discuss a HBM2 smoke-stack with 512 GB/s of bandwidth though this is listed as 16 GB. We already know from a RX Vega Doom demos that a product will have sum vRAM of 8 GB so this is substantially usually applicable for a server market. The label will devour 225 Watts of power.

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