Bulk Delete Pictures and Videos from iPhone Camera Roll

We’re 6 versions into iOS and there is still no approach to undo all your videos and cinema from a camera hurl in bulk! This is one infuriating distrurbance and we don’t know because it hasn’t been addressed by Apple. What ends adult function is that we keep holding photos and videos until we run out of space and have to undo them.

If you’re like me, we competence have all those cinema and videos corroborated adult regulating Google+ or Facebook or Dropbox or around some other cloud storage app. In that case, we don’t even caring to duplicate them to a mechanism and only would like to undo them all.

Unfortunately, if we wish to mass undo a camera roll, we will have to bond your iPhone or iPad to possibly a Mac or PC. Luckily, we don’t have to use iTunes for anything, so that’s a blessing. In this article, I’ll travel we by a stairs for OS X and for Windows.

Delete Entire Camera Roll – OS X

On OS X, we need to use a Image Capture app to scrupulously undo everything. To open Image Capture, only press a Command pivotal and while holding it down, press a Spacebar. This will open Spotlight. Here form in Image Capture and press Enter.

Spotlight search

This will move adult a categorical Image Capture screen. Make certain that your iPhone is connected to your Mac. It should automatically uncover adult in a left-hand side and we should see a list of all your cinema and videos.

Image constraint main

Now there are dual things we can do here. You can possibly possibly import all a files and undo them after they have been alien or if we don’t need to download a images on your computer, we can only press CTRL + A to name all and afterwards press a small round with a line by it icon.

Image constraint delete

So if we need to save a files on your computer, check a Delete after Import box and afterwards click the Import All button. If we don’t need to save a files, afterwards only press CTRL + A and click a red round undo button. That’s it!

Delete Entire Camera Roll – Windows

If we have a Windows machine, we can also undo a camera hurl in one go. In Windows, we only bond a iPhone or iPad and it will uncover adult as a removable device in Explorer.

Iphone explorer

It should uncover adult automatically when we bond a iPhone or iPad to a Windows computer. Now only double-click on it and follow a trail to Internal Storage and afterwards DCIM.

Iphone inner storage

You competence see one folder or a integrate of folders here depending on where a videos and photos are stored. All we have to do is undo any of a folders underneath a DCIM folder. If we crop into a folder, we should see all your video and pics inside.

Photos videos windows

That’s about it. Not a best approach in a universe to get absolved of all in your camera roll, though improved than perplexing to check 5000 check boxes on your phone! Hopefully, iOS 7 has some new choice to bulk undo all a calm in a camera roll,  but we have a feeling this post will still request even after a release. Enjoy!

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