Change a Default Search Engine in IE around Registry

Changing a default hunt engine to something other than Bing is unequivocally easy in Internet Explorer and takes usually a few clicks. That is, unless we work in a corporate sourroundings and your network director has a web browser settings sealed down.

Some admins go a small overboard with restrictions and forcing people to hunt regulating usually Bing is a primary example. In this article, I’ll uncover we how to cgange some settings in a registry so that we can use Google as a default hunt engine instead of Bing.

If a registry editor is infirm on your mechanism also, make certain to check out my prior post on how to re-enable a registry editor. It’s value observant that a registry keys we will be altering aren’t vicious to a complement and therefore if we disaster something up, zero bad should occur to your computer.

However, usually in case, make certain to review my post on subsidy adult and restoring a registry first. The procession is a bit technical, though if we follow along slowly, it’s not too hard. we tested this on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 and it worked on all 3 handling systems.

Edit SearchScopes for IE in Registry

In IE, any hunt engine we supplement to a browser is called a hunt range in a registry. First, before we get into a registry we have to emanate a new GUID that we will use as a key. Sounds scary, though usually follow a instructions below.

Step 1: Open PowerShell by clicking on Start and typing powershell.


At a prompt, usually duplicate and pulp a following command:


This will beget a prolonged series with letters and dashes like shown below. Select a GUID and afterwards press CTRL + C to duplicate it to a clipboard.

generate new guis

Now we have to modify this to uppercase since a registry is fussy about a box when formulating keys. The easiest approach to do this is to open Word, pulp a text, name it and afterwards name UPPERCASE.

conver to uppercase

Step 2: Now let’s open adult a registry editor by clicking on Start and typing in regedit. Now navigate to a following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftInternet ExplorerSearchScopes

default hunt scope

If we click on SearchScopes, you’ll see a few keys on a right palm side. The categorical one we are meddlesome in is DefaultScope. Double-click on that and pulp in a new range ID that we usually created.

Note that we have to supplement an opening curly prop and a shutting curly prop around a GUID that we generated.

change hunt scope

Click OK and a value should get updated. Now that we configured that hunt range is a default one, we indeed have to go emanate a new hunt scope.

Step 3: Right-click on a SearchScopes pivotal in a left palm navigation mirror and name NewKey.

new pivotal registry

Again, pulp a value of a new GUID as a name of a key. Again, make certain to supplement a curly joint to a front and finish of a GUID. The registry keys should demeanour like a next picture now:

current hunt scope

Step 4: Now for a fun part. We have to emanate a integrate of new keys in a right mirror for a new hunt scope. So first, name a new hunt range we combined and you’ll see there is usually one pivotal called Default.

We have to emanate a sum of 5 new keys. To emanate a new key, usually right-click in any white area in a right-pane and name New and afterwards collect String Value for a initial key.

new fibre value

You wish to give your new pivotal a name of DisplayName and afterwards press Enter. Then double-click on a new pivotal and we can enter a value information. Type in Google in a value information box and click OK.

display name

Now let’s supplement a rest in a same way. Below we will list out a pivotal name (in bold), a form we have to name (in italics) and a value we have to enter.

FaviconURL - String Value -
ShowSearchSuggestions - DWORD (32-bit) Value - 1
SuggestionsURL - String Value -{searchTerms}client=ie8mw={ie:maxWidth}sh={ie:sectionHeight}rh={ie:rowHeight}inputencoding={inputEncoding}outputencoding={outputEncoding}
URL - String Value -{searchTerms}

After we have finished, a final entries should demeanour like a picture below:

final registry settings

Once all is set in a registry, go forward and open adult Internet Explorer. You should not have to restart your mechanism for this to work. When IE opens, we competence see a summary during a bottom observant an different module wants to change your hunt provider. Go forward and click Change.

change hunt provider

Now when we form something into a residence bar, it should give we hunt suggestions and should hunt regulating Google when we press Enter.

ie google search

If something didn’t work properly, make certain to check all a keys scrupulously and that a GUID is a same for DefaultScope and for a name of a pivotal underneath SearchScopes. Also, make certain a GUID has a opening curly and shutting curly brackets in both of those instances.

Hopefully, this will assistance we get entrance to Google hunt in IE even if your complement is sealed down. If we have any questions, feel giveaway to comment. Enjoy!

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