Convert Video to iPhone or iPad Format

Got some videos we would like to duplicate over to your iPad or iPhone for offline viewing? iCloud is good and works unequivocally well, yet we can apparently usually download calm that is accessible in a iTunes store.

If we have some home videos or downloaded cinema that you’d like to get onto your iPad or iPhone, you’ll need to initial modify them into a suitable format. Once we do that, we can check out my post on how to duplicate or send files over to your iPad.

So what’s a easiest approach to get any video converted to a scold format? In my opinion, HandBrake is a best focus for removing a pursuit done. It’s open source and works on Mac, Windows and even Linux.

HandBrake creates a pursuit super easy by carrying a set of built-in presets for converting video to specific formats for Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc.

Using HandBrake to Convert Video

Once we download and implement HandBrake, you’ll see a categorical interface where we can name a video (Source) and a outlay format (Presets).


Go forward and click on a Source symbol and afterwards name from possibly File or Folder. On Windows and Mac, we can simply collection modify a whole garland of videos during once if we like.

handbrake record folder

Once we name a video file, HandBrake will indicate it and arrangement information about a video file.

scanning source

Before we start a conversion, make certain we name iPad or iPhone from a presets on a right.

ipad preset

The values for a resolution of a video and form of codec will already be comparison for we when we name a preset. The usually thing we have to do now is start a acclimatisation by clicking on a Start button. You can also click on Add to Queue and afterwards supplement some-more videos if we like.

handbrake start

If this is a initial time we are regulating a program, we also need to name a end for a converted file. By default, videos will be converted to MP4 format regulating a H.264 codec. You’ll be means to see a swell during a bottom of a HandBrake window.

handbrake converting

Once completed, your record is ready. You can now transfer this record over to your iPad regulating iTunes. If we wish to modify videos for your iPhone, follow a same steps, only name iPhone from a presets. If we are some-more technically-savvy, we can also click on a tabs and manually adjust settings to your liking.

Copy File to Device regulating iTunes

To get a converted video onto your iPad or iPhone, open iTunes and bond your device regulating a USB cable. In iTunes, click on a idol for your device during a top.

select ipad

Now in a left-hand sidebar, we will see a territory called On My Device. Go forward and click on Movies underneath that heading.

on my device movies

Open Explorer and find your video. When we have it, only drag and dump it onto a right palm side of a shade underneath Movies.

transfer video to ipad

Go forward and click on a Sync symbol during a bottom right and eventually it should start duplicating over a video record to your iPad. Note that if we have already synced your iPad or iPhone to another iTunes library, it’ll give we a summary seeking to Erase and Sync your stream device. Just click Cancel and let it continue syncing. we was means to duplicate a record over even yet my iPad was synced to another computer.

ipad home videos

Finally, on your iPad, go forward and open a Videos app. You should see a new add-on called Home Videos. Here we will find all a cinema that we have synced manually yourself. The video should play ideally as prolonged as it got synced to your device. If we have any questions, feel giveaway to comment. Enjoy!

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