Getting Started with Your New Amazon Echo

Have we recently jumped on a bandwagon and purchased an Amazon Echo? If you’re like me, you’ve substantially listened a lot of good things about a device and how a lot of people simply adore their Echo!

Well, we motionless to see what all a hype was about and got one for myself. we have to admit, a Echo is flattering fun to use and it’s unequivocally useful if we have kids around. My kids adore seeking it to play song and I’ve commissioned several skills so that they can play math games, word games, etc.

In this article, I’m going to speak about how to fast get your Echo setup and how to configure it so that we can get a many advantage from all of a stream features. Amazon keeps adding new facilities to a Echo flattering many each week, so I’ll keep posting new articles when those new facilities make it to a device.

Setting Up an Echo


When we get your Echo and unbox it, you’ll fundamentally see 3 equipment inside: a Echo, a energy adapter and some instructions. To get started, we start by plugging it into a wall outlet. While a device is booting up, we can go forward and download a Amazon Alexa app from iTunes or a Google Play Store.

Once we download a app, go forward and login with your Amazon criticism credentials.

alexa app signin

Once we have sealed in, go forward and tighten a app and afterwards check your Echo. By default, once it boots up, a ring that goes around a tip should light adult orange. This means it’s prepared to start a WiFi setup process.

alexa wifi setup

If, for some reason, a light is not orange, usually press and reason a Action symbol for 5 seconds. The Action symbol is a one with usually a singular dot in a center. Now go to your phone and go to a WiFi settings section.

alexa wifi network

When a light is orange on a Echo, we should see an Amazon-WVM WiFi network that we can bond to. Once we bond to that network, go forward and open a Alexa app on your device. It should automatically detect that we are perplexing to setup a device, yet if not, daub a 3 plane lines during a tip left, afterwards daub on Settings and afterwards daub on Set adult a new device.

alexa app settings

The setup shade should seem and it will remind we to make certain that a light ring is orange before continuing.

echo setup app

If all is scrupulously setup, we should see a Connected to Echo summary on a subsequent screen. Tap Continue to continue a setup.

connected to echo

On a subsequent screen, we have to select a WiFi network to bond your Echo to. This will be a WiFi network that your Echo connects to when it is powered on. Note that we can change a WiFi network or bond to additional networks after on regulating a app.

select wifi network

The subsequent shade will uncover we a swell bar as your Echo is prepared.

preparing echo

Once all is setup, we should be means to start articulate to a Echo! When we open a app, you’ll see a Home shade gives we a tip and afterwards usually has one label revelation we to customize Alexa.

alexa app homescreen

The approach a Echo works is that whenever we ask it something, it will respond around voice, yet it will also emanate a label in a Alexa app that we will see on a home screen. For example, if we contend “Alexa” and afterwards contend “What’s a continue like?“, it will tell we verbally, yet it will also uncover a information in a app.

ask alexa question

It’s kind of a story record of all we have pronounced to Alexa. To activate your Echo, we have to contend a word “Alexa“. You can change this in a settings after if we like, yet usually to “Amazon” or “Echo“. That competence change in a future, though.

Customizing Alexa

The initial thing we substantially wish to do once a Echo is adult and using is to sight your voice so that it improved understands you. To do this, go to a app, daub on a 3 lines during a tip left, daub on Settings and afterwards daub on Voice Training. It’s directly next a Set adult a new device choice we had mentioned towards a commencement of a article.

Once we have finished that, we should configure your music, news, sports, calendar and traffic. To do all of that, go to Settings again and corkscrew down to a territory that says Account.

alexa criticism settings

These are all flattering easy to setup, so we won’t go into many detail. For Music Media, we can play song from Amazon if we have Prime or Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio or TuneIn. Under Flash Briefing, we can configure a whole garland of news programs like CNN, NPR, BBC, HuffPost, etc. Don’t go too crazy with this territory yet since your news lecture competence finish adult being 40 mins long!

Under Sports Update, usually hunt for all your favorite teams and Alexa will give we an refurbish on all of them when we ask. Traffic only allows we to enter a start and finale end for now, so it is usually good for people who invert bland on a same route, i.e. home to work. Under Calendar, we can record into your Google Calendar and afterwards use Alexa to supplement events to your calendar.

So what accurately do we contend to activate all of these functions? Well, there are dual ways to learn a commands. You can daub on a 3 lines during a tip left and afterwards daub on Things to Try or we can review all a commands online.

The other built-in facilities of Alexa are Timers Alarms and Shopping To-do lists. To set a timer, all we have to contend is “Alexa, set a timer for x minutes.” For an alarm, usually contend “Alexa, set an alarm for 4 o’clock in a evening.” You can also contend AM or PM if we like.

For a lists, usually contend “Alexa, supplement x to my selling list” or “Alexa, supplement your-phrase to my to-do list.” Alexa, can also answer several questions like elementary math or conversions. For facts, a device seems to rest on Wikipedia, so that’s possibly a good or bad thing, depending on who we ask. You can ask it things like “Who is a boss of X country?” or “What is a collateral of X state” or even something like “Name all of a continents”.

Alexa Skills

The genuine energy of Alexa, though, comes in a form of skills. If we daub on a 3 lines and afterwards Skills, you’ll get a list of all a ways we can raise a Echo. These are fundamentally small apps created for a Echo by several companies or individuals.

echo alexa skills

There are a garland of skills, yet now many of them are stupid or useless. However, a list is removing improved by a day and some are unequivocally good. For my kids, we use Baby Animals, Spelling Bee, Human Body Quiz, Mental Math, and Dinosaur Facts. we unequivocally like a Mental Math ability for my five-year aged daughter.

For myself, we use a Capital One skill, This Day in History and Random World Facts. we also have a TP-LINK Kasa and SmartThings skills enabled so we can control my switches, etc. around Alexa. In a destiny post, I’ll write instructions on how to setup your Smart Home inclination with Alexa.

At this point, that’s flattering many all we can do with your Alexa, that is sparkling since it’s usually now apropos popular. Lots some-more skills are going to be created and Amazon is adding a lot of new facilities to a device. The cold thing is that all is upgraded in a cloud, so a device gets smarter and improved but any need for a hardware upgrade. If we have any questions, feel giveaway to comment. Enjoy!

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