How to Block Certain Websites From Google Search Results

Even yet we use Google for all of my online searching, it’s still not anywhere nearby being perfect. They change their algorithms flattering most bland and any change isn’t always for a better. Add on tip of that all a personalization and geo-specific hunt formula and we get a opposite set of formula even if we hunt for a same thing twice sometimes.

For someone like me, there are a lot of times when we simply do not wish to see a certain website in a hunt results. For example, before we buy anything online, we always check on Amazon’s site given we am a primary member. That means when we do a hunt in Google, we don’t caring for a Amazon outcome to uncover up, that can infrequently take adult several slots. we also don’t wish to manually bar a site any time we perform a search.

So is there a approach to henceforth retard a site from Google hunt results? Thankfully yes, though it will need installing an extension. In this article, I’ll uncover we how to retard specific websites from your Google hunt formula permanently.

Personal Website Blocklist

You can emanate a personal website blocklist in Google Chrome by installing a prolongation from Google with a accurately that name.

Personal Blocklist by Google

Once we implement it in Chrome and perform a hunt in Google, you’ll now see an choice to retard that site directly underneath a pretension and URL for a hunt result.

block sites google

When we click a retard link, a outcome immediately disappears from a hunt results. One useful underline of a prolongation is that it will tell we during a bottom of a page if any formula were blocked. we find this useful on some occasions where we wish to see what sites got blocked for that sold query. When we retard a site, it will not usually not seem in a formula for that query, though it will not seem in a formula during all for any query. So be clever restraint sites as they’ll never uncover adult again.

results private chrome

If we click on a Show button, afterwards a outcome will reappear in a bizarre position it was located during and it will be highlighted in a light pinkish color. If we want, we can unblock a site during this point.

unblock site google

If we wish to see a list of all a sites we have blocked, only click on a bizarre idol for a blocklist in your toolbar. It’s arrange of a bizarre orange tone with a palm icon, we believe. No thought since they would select that, though ok.

block site list

Also, there is a choice to retard a horde for a stream tab. I’m on above, so it shows “Block stream“. So if we have a appendage open and wish to retard that site though carrying to find it in a hunt results, only click a symbol and retard it.

In further to this extension, Google also has a Webspam Report plugin that will concede we to news sites as spam. we also have this commissioned since there are also utterly a few times when we get spammy formula and it’s improved to both news a site as spam and retard it rather than only restraint it. This approach if adequate people news a site as spam, it’ll eventually get pushed distant down in a hunt results.

spam retard google

Using these dual extensions in Chrome, we can unequivocally purify adult a formula some-more to your liking. It does take some time and patience, though it’s value a time if we perform hundreds of searches a day like we do.

If you’re a Firefox user, we can implement a identical appendage that will retard neglected formula from Google. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any good solutions for IE and Safari, so if we use those browsers, you’re kind of out of luck. If we occur to know a approach to do this on those browsers, greatfully let us know in a comments. Enjoy!

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