How to Clear or Hide Your Search and Browsing History

Need to transparent your Google hunt story to keep your searches divided from meddling eyes? Or acid for something that we know would get we in difficulty if someone found out? Well this essay will assistance we equivocate being caught! This essay has been updated given it was initial created in 2007 with a whole slew of new information adult to late 2014. Previously, we simply wrote that we could transparent out the search toolbar in your browser and also transparent your browser story and we were good to go.

Unfortunately, those days are gone. Most browsers now usually have an omnibox that combines a residence bar with a hunt bar. To truly transparent your hunt story requires know a abyss to that we are being tracked online by not usually software, though by companies and other third-party entities. Going a step further, if we unequivocally wish to censor your hunt story from meddling eyes requires even some-more work and setup, a lot of that many people simply find too unwieldy or tedious.

Clearing your Google hunt story is thankfully still a mostly straight-forward procedure. To start, when we perform a hunt in your browser, a hunt will be saved in mixed locations. The initial is in a internal browser history. So if you’re regulating Chrome, we click on a Settings symbol and click on History and you’ll see your story possibly or not you’re logged into Google or not. If we use Internet Explorer and open a History toolbar, you’ll see all a sites we have visited in a final 20 days, given that is a default series of days IE keeps history.

The people who substantially have their hunt story many available are a ones regulating Chrome and who are sealed into Google all a time. Since many people already perform their searches regulating Google, we can gamble all we are doing is being tracked if you’re regulating Chrome or a Chromebook or an Android phone that requires we to constantly be logged into your Google account. Luckily, we can go by and perspective all of that story and possibly selectively undo it or undo everything.

Another choice that has come about some-more recently is regulating your browser in private or incognito mode. These modes fundamentally don’t lane anything locally on your computer, though we still have to worry about your searches being available online.

Lastly, if we wish to censor your acid as many as possible, we’ll also speak about regulating collection like a Tor browser and a VPN. Using these tools, we can make online acid as unknown and encrypted as is probable unless you’re someone like Edward Snowden!

First up, let’s start with simply removing absolved of your LOCAL browser history. That’s really confidant given even when clearing internal history, your searches and visited sites competence be also available in your online history, that we’ll speak about later. we won’t explain a stairs for each browser as we can simply perform a Google hunt for deletion browser history. I’ll discuss IE and Chrome given we use those a most, though a stairs are flattering identical for Firefox and Safari.

Clear IE Local Search History

Depending on your chronicle of IE, we can possibly go to Tools and click on Delete Browsing History or we can click on a small rigging idol during a tip right, name Internet Options and afterwards click on Delete under the Browsing history section.

delete browsing story ie

internet options ie

ie options ubiquitous tab

In a Delete Browsing History dialog, check a boxes to undo a information we wish to remove. Checking History would be a good thought along with Form Data and Temporary Internet Files and Cookies and website data. This will undo all that we typed into any form on any web page, including a Google hunt box.

delete browsing history

You can also change other settings in IE for improved insurance like deletion browser story when exiting a browser and deletion a AutoComplete story underneath a Content tab. AutoComplete story is what gets saved when we form something into a residence bar in IE.

delete autocomplete history

Clear Google Chrome Local History

In Chrome, to transparent a internal browsing story stored on a computer, click on a idol with a 3 lines during a tip right and click on History.

chrome history

Here you’ll see all a internal story of web searches and pages visited. If we achieved searches on another mechanism regulating Chrome, those won’t uncover adult here unless we are sealed into Google.

chrome story tab

As we can see above, I’m sealed into Chrome so all of my story gets shown here, including from my MacBook Pro, my iPhone and my Windows 8 machine. However, a pivotal thing to note is that when we press a Clear browsing data symbol and mislay your history, it usually removes a internal history. If we go to your Google Web History, that I’ll explain later, you’ll see all your searches and visited websites are still stored there.

clear browsing data

In a transparent browsing information dialog, we initial have to name a time support for a information we wish to delete. It ranges from the past hour to the commencement of time, with a integrate of other options in between. Then we check a boxes for a forms of information we wish to delete: browsing history, download history, cookies, caches images/files, passwords, autofill data, hosted app information and calm licenses. Hosted app information is information from third party-apps we implement from a Chrome web store.

Clearing Online Web Search History

Now that we have privileged a internal hunt history, let’s speak about a online stuff. If you’re like many people, we substantially use an online email use like Yahoo, Google, or something similar. All of these companies also have hunt engines and that means you’re substantially logged into your comment while regulating a hunt engine too. we use Chrome and Gmail, so I’m constantly logged into my Google account, that means all of my searches get available by Google online too.

Even when we privileged my Google browsing information like shown above, we still found all my prior searches online by going to Granted, usually we can see this web history, though it’s still there and if you’re like me, we competence have a associate or poignant other that can entrance your account.

google hunt history

To undo your web history, we have to name a equipment away and afterwards click Remove items. Unfortunately, we haven’t found  way to clean a week or month or year of information or anything like that. You can undo all your web history, though that’ll undo all you’ve ever searched for given a commencement of time. You might or might not wish to do that.

The same goes for Yahoo and Bing hunt history. Here are a links if we use those services and wish to mislay your hunt history:

Using Private Modes While Browsing

All of a complicated browsers now support a private browsing mode that fundamentally doesn’t lane anything in a browser or locally. You might still be tracked by a websites we are visiting, though your hunt story and any internal cache files, etc will not be stored. In Chrome it’s called Incognito Mode, in IE it’s called InPrivate Browsing and in Safari and Firefox it’s simply called Private Browsing.

incognito mode

Every browser also has a opposite demeanour when in a special private mode so that we can indeed be certain zero is being recorded. we would rarely advise we don’t record into any use like Google, Facebook, etc as that would better a purpose given you’ll be available and tracked. It’s best to use usually to revisit a website we don’t wish anyone else to know you’re visiting and so that there are no traces of your activity.

DNS, ISPs and VPNs

If you’ve privileged your internal hunt story and are acid a web in private browsing mode, are we protected from someone else being means to see what you’re doing? Unfortunately, not completely. There are still a integrate of vital roadblocks, that many people don’t caring about, though could get we into difficulty if, let’s say, law coercion got involved. One of those problems is your ISP.

Whenever we perform a hunt from your home computer, it’s going by your ISP initial and they can flattering many constraint whatever information they want. Now if you’re behaving searches on Google, your ISP can’t see anything given a tie is secure (HTTPS) and therefore encrypted. However, they can see your DNS queries, that is fundamentally a URLs we form into your web browser. If you’re on a non-encrypted site, afterwards they can see all a calm too.

Normally this is not a problem given ISPs can’t legally go snooping around and saying what you’re adult to unless they are asked to give adult information by a law coercion group or by a authorised summons given, for example, by a RIAA or MPAA. That’s because if we download cinema and song illegally regulating torrent, we can finish adult removing a notice from your ISP revelation we to stop or else.

The usually approach around this is to use some-more modernized confidence services like a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Normally we hear of VPNs when employees are joining to their corporate networks securely, though it’s also used by a lot of consumer home users. Lifehacker has a list of tip 5 VPN providers for consumer use and we privately use Private Internet Access and have been really happy with it. Not usually is your information encrypted, so your ISP can’t see anything you’re doing, though your plcae is also anonymized, so your genuine plcae is dark from a websites we visit.

As record gets some-more advanced, perplexing to keep your browsing story private will turn harder and harder. There are lots of stairs we can take, though always remember that zero is foolproof, so always be clever of what you’re doing online. Enjoy!

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