How to Control a WeMo Insight Switch regulating Alexa & Echo

So we recently bought an Amazon Echo and a Belkin WeMo switch and we listened that a dual could be used together. After personification around with a dual inclination for a bit, we managed to figure out how to control my WeMo switch by articulate to Alexa on a Echo.

The good thing about regulating a WeMo switch with a Echo is that it works though requiring we to implement a third-party ability on a Echo or shopping a hub. The 3 WeMo inclination that work directly with Alexa are a WeMo Light Switch, WeMo Switch and WeMo Insight Switch.

Overall, it’s unequivocally easy removing all setup, though I’ll also discuss some troubleshooting tips in box it doesn’t work on a initial try.

Configure WeMo Switch

The initial thing you’re going to wish to do is bond your WeMo Switch to your WiFi network and make certain it is display adult in a WeMo app. You should be means to spin it on and off regulating a practical energy symbol during a distant right.

wemo iphone app

If we daub on a small down arrow, it should enhance to uncover we some energy use stats (only for a WeMo Insight switch).

wemo discernment stats

Now there are dual things we have to do inside a WeMo app before we can get it connected to Alexa. Firstly, we should rename your switch to something other than a default name. Whatever name we give it here is what you’ll have to call it when we speak to Alexa. So if we name a switch, Fridge, you’ll be means to contend “Alexa, spin off a fridge” and it will comply. To do this, daub on a Edit symbol during a tip and afterwards daub on a switch we wish to rename.

rename wemo device

If we use numbers in a name, make certain to spell out a series instead of regulating a numerical value. Tap Save and a switch should now have a new name. The second thing we have to do is capacitate remote access. To do this, daub on More located during a bottom of a app.

wemo remote access

You will see an choice called Remote Access. By default, it will uncover Not Enabled. Go forward and daub on it and afterwards daub on Enable Remote Access. This will not usually concede we to control a switch from anywhere in a world, though it will also concede Alexa to control a switch.

enable remote access

You should get a summary saying that remote entrance has been enabled and we can control a switch from anywhere that we have Internet access.

remote entrance enabled

Discover Devices regulating Alexa

Once we have finished those dual things in a WeMo app, we can now pierce over to a Alexa app. Open a app, daub on a 3 plane lines during a tip left and afterwards daub on Smart Home.

alexa intelligent home

This shade is damaged down into 3 sections: groups, skills and devices. Groups concede we to control mixed inclination with one command. For example, if we have 3 WeMo switches, we can emanate a organisation called Bedroom Lights and afterwards simply contend “Alexa, spin off a bedroom lights.

alexa inclination smarthome

Under Smart Home Skills, we can capacitate skills for products from opposite companies. Above, we can see we have enabled a TP-LINK Kasa ability given we have a TP-LINK switch. Finally, underneath Your Devices, we can supplement new inclination by drumming on Discover devices.

alexa learn devices

Alexa will now start looking for devices, that should take reduction than a minute. Once a hunt is complete, we should see a device listed under Your Devices.

alexa found device

That’s flattering most it! You’re now good to go. You should be means to anxiety a switch by a name when articulate to Alexa. Just contend “Alexa, spin off/on switchname.” If all goes well, Alexa will usually contend OK and that’s it. You can manually go check in a WeMo app and we should see a switch state has been changed.

If we run into issues along a way, there are a integrate of things we can do:

  1. Make certain your Amazon Echo has a latest firmware installed. You can do this by creation certain it’s connected to WiFi and incited on. The Echo will check automatically and refurbish itself if an refurbish is available.
  2. Make certain a WeMo switch has a latest firmware installed. When we open a WeMo app, it will forewarn we of any firmware upgrades and we can do it from within a app.
  3. If Alexa can’t find your WeMo device, make certain a Echo is connected to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network, if we have a dual-band router. The WeMo units usually bond to 2.4 GHz, so if your Echo is on a 5 GHZ network, it could means issues.

Hopefully, this beam will get we adult and using with Alexa and WeMo for a some-more fun intelligent home. Unfortunately, Belkin has pronounced a WeMo inclination will not support HomeKit, so determining your lights from Siri won’t occur anytime soon. For me, Alexa can do a lot some-more than usually control intelligent home devices, so if we already have an Echo, it competence be value shopping WeMo switches given they work good together. If we have any questions, feel giveaway to comment. Enjoy!

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