How to Open Multiple Instances of Excel

If we have ever worked with mixed workbooks in Excel, we know that it can infrequently means issues if all of a workbooks are open in a same instance of Excel. For example, if we recalculate all formulas, it will do that for all open workbooks in a same instance.

If we don’t wish that to occur or if we simply wish to see both of your spreadsheets side by side in dual opposite windows, afterwards formulating mixed instances of Excel creates sense. You can still separate shade mixed spreadsheets within a singular instance of Excel, though we find it unwieldy and not intuitive.

Versions of Excel

Before we get into details, we should establish that chronicle of Excel we are using. If we have Office 2016 or Office 2013 installed, we don’t have to worry since whenever we open a new workbook, it automatically creates a new instance of Excel.

Only with Office 2010 and progressing do we have a singular Excel instance issue. In this article, I’ll discuss a opposite ways we can get Excel to open opposite workbooks in opposite instances.

Multiple Instances of Excel

Normally, we open Excel spreadsheets by possibly double-clicking on them in Explorer or by navigating to them from inside Excel. Using possibly of these dual methods will outcome in a spreadsheets opening in a singular instance of Excel.

Method 1 – Start Menu

The initial approach to get around this is to simply open a Start Menu and afterwards click on a Excel shortcut. This will open a new instance of Excel automatically. Note that this will work in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

open excel

If a Excel idol doesn’t uncover adult in a list of many used apps, we can only go to All Programs or All Apps and open it from there.

Method 2 – Taskbar

If we already have one instance of Excel open and a Excel idol is on your Windows taskbar, we can only press and reason a SHIFT pivotal and afterwards click on a taskbar idol and it’ll open another instance.

open mixed excel

Note that we don’t have indeed have a Excel idol pinned to your taskbar. All we need to do is open one instance of Excel so that it shows adult in a taskbar. Once there, we can reason down SHIFT and afterwards click on a icon.

Method 3 – Middle Button

If we are regulating a rodent with a center symbol or clickable corkscrew button, we can also only click that symbol to get a new instance but carrying to reason down any key. If we didn’t already know, a corkscrew symbol can also be clicked like a symbol on flattering most each mouse.


It’s also value observant that we can simply right-click on a Excel idol in a taskbar too and afterwards click on Excel 20xx and it’ll open a new instance.

right click taskbar icon

Method 4 – Run Command

If Excel is blank from your desktop, Start Menu and taskbar, afterwards we can still open a new instance of Excel by regulating a Run command. Just click on Start, form in Run and press Enter.

run command

Now only form in a word excel into a run box and click OK.

run excel

Those are flattering most all a ways we could find for opening mixed instances of Excel. Now that we have your workbooks open in opposite instances of Excel, we can snap them to opposite tools of a screen.

Luckily, I’ve already created about how we can separate your shade in Windows XP, 7 and 8 and about a new separate shade and snap facilities in Windows 10.

Again, we don’t need to worry about any of this if we are regulating Office 2013 or Office 2016 since they no longer open mixed workbooks in a singular instance of Excel. It competence also be a good reason to ascent to a newer chronicle of Office if you’ve been holding out. If we have any questions, feel giveaway to comment. Enjoy!

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