How to Remove an Image Background

So we have a smashing design of your kids or dogs and we wish to have some fun by stealing a credentials and dropping in a conflicting background? Or maybe we usually wish to mislay a credentials on a design so that we can use it on a website or digital document?

There are many ways to go about stealing a credentials from images and all of them will give we conflicting results. The best thing is to try a integrate of conflicting methods on your design and see that one gives we a best results.

In this post, I’m going to write about 3 methods: regulating PowerPoint, regulating a website called ClippingMagic and regulating an app on your Android or iOS phone called Background Eraser.

Remove Background regulating PowerPoint

For desktop users with PowerPoint installed, we can mislay backgrounds unequivocally simply and fine-tune what collection we wish to keep or remove. To get started, open PowerPoint, click on Insert and afterwards click on Pictures.

insert design powerpoint

Choose your design and afterwards click on a Insert button. Once your design has commissioned onto a slide, click on it to pierce adult the Picture Tools ribbon. At a distant left, we will see a symbol called Remove Background.

remove background

When we click on this button, it will automatically try to establish a credentials and prominence it in purple. Normally, this is not ideal and you’ll see that portions of what we wish are highlighted in purple and clamp versa.

powerpoint mislay background

In my example, PowerPoint didn’t scrupulously detect a face of one dog and a noses for all three! You can simply scold this by clicking on a Mark Areas to Keep symbol during a tip left. Then we simply click and drag from one plcae to another that we wish to keep.

drag to keep area

When we let go, it will automatically figure out that partial to keep. It competence finish adult adding some-more purple in another partial of a image, though we can usually pull another line to repair that. Here we can see we had to pull a integrate of lines in sequence to get usually a dogs.

keep area background

The Mark Areas to Remove symbol works a same way, solely it will symbol areas purple to be removed. When we are confident with your editing, click a Keep Changes button.

background removed

The credentials should now be left and you’re good to go! At this point, we can right-click on a design and choose Save as picture. In sequence to safety a transparency, we need to make certain we save a record as an PNG or as a GIF. JPEG format does not support transparency.

save as picture

You can also supplement a new credentials while still in PowerPoint by inserting a new design and afterwards right-clicking on your strange design and choosing Bring to Front.

new background

Here we extrinsic a design of clouds and afterwards changed my dog design to a front. When we mislay a credentials regulating PowerPoint it automatically creates a private partial transparent, so we don’t have to manually make a credentials transparent.

When we mislay a background, we competence see a tiny bit of a credentials around a edges of a categorical subject. This is unequivocally tough to mislay in some images, though there is a good pretence that creates a cutout demeanour a lot improved in PowerPoint.

Right-click on a design and choose Format Picture. Now enhance Soft Edges and boost a distance a integrate of points. You can see next how a design of a dogs looks improved than a strange one adult top. Any ruins of a credentials will be private when we alleviate a edges.

soften edges

Remove Background Using Clipping Magic

If we don’t have PowerPoint installed, we can try out a website called ClippingMagic that flattering many does a same thing. Either drag and dump your design into a box or click Upload Image.


Now all we have to do is pull immature and red sections on a image. Click on a immature and idol and pull usually inside a territory of a design we wish to keep. Next, click on a red reduction icon and pull usually outward a territory we wish to keep. A yellow line will automatically seem around a categorical subject.

clippingmagic mislay background

On a right palm side, you’ll see a preview of a design immediately. If you’re not happy with it, we can click a Clear symbol and start again. You can also adjust a brush distance if we feel it’s too large by clicking on a Brush symbol during a bottom. If we need to erase any immature or red lines, we click on a Eraser button.

Overall, it works unequivocally good and is super easy to use. Also, we can click on a Edges symbol and supplement smoothing and feathering effects to get absolved of any ruins of a background. If we are traffic with hair, we know it can feel unfit to get absolved of a credentials in-between hundreds of hairs, though we can click on a Hair symbol and review a instructions on how to repair that issue.

The usually downside to this site is that we have to compensate in sequence to download a duplicate of your image. Not usually that, they need we to concede to a monthly devise instead of carrying a one-time charge, that we would not mind profitable if it was something unequivocally cheap.

So here is what we advise we do. Click on Background during a bottom and name a white color. Now simply take a screenshot of your design and save it to your computer. You can now use a apparatus like PowerPoint to make a white credentials transparent. It’s not a best solution, though it’s improved than carrying to concede if we need to usually mislay a credentials on one image.

Remove Background regulating Background Eraser

If we take many of your photos from your smartphone now, it will substantially be easier to usually download an app that can assistance we mislay a background. Here are a ones we advise for iOS and Android:

iOS –

Android –

Once we implement a iOS app, Background Eraser will give we a vacant shade like shown below.

background eraser

Tap on a tiny idol during a tip left that has a towering on it. It will ask we for accede to entrance your photos. When we agree, go forward and name a design from your camera roll.

image selected

Once your design has loaded, we will see a buttons during a bottom turn enabled. You can stand and adjust a colors, etc if we like. In a case, we wish to daub on Erase.

erase tools

The erase collection will seem conflicting a bottom. By default, Erase is comparison and if we start to pierce your palm over a image, it will start erasing. There are a integrate of things to note. Firstly, a breadth is set to max and we can adjust it by regulating a slider.

In addition, there is an equivalent so that when we pierce your finger conflicting a screen, a erasing will be equivalent from your finger so that we can indeed see what we are erasing. You can also adjust this equivalent regulating a slider.

Next, Restore will do a conflicting of Erase and will pierce behind any partial of a design we pierce your finger over. TargetArea is unequivocally accessible and will concede we to simply daub on an area with identical credentials and mislay it automatically. This is good for sections that have plain colors.

TargetColor will concede we to collect one tone in a design and have it erased anywhere else it shows adult in a image. Lastly, Reverse will upset a selection.

background gone

Using a multiple of a tools, we can mislay accurately a portions of a design we want. Note that we can also splash to zoom, that creates it unequivocally easy to get absolved of those tough to get to parts. Finally, when we are done, daub on a Done couple and afterwards daub on a arrow during a tip right.

output options

You can now save a design out to your camera roll, email it, or share it onto amicable media. You can also name from several sizes and name between PNG and JPEG.

Hopefully, we now have all a collection we need to mislay a credentials from an design easily! If we have any questions, feel giveaway to comment. Enjoy!

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