How to Setup Picasa with Google+ Photos

I creatively wrote this essay behind in 2007, though I’m updating it for 2014 since a lot has altered in 7 years. Firstly, Picasa Web Albums no longer exist. Since a recover of Google+, all print storage takes place in Google+ Photos. You can, however, still use Picasa on both a Mac and PC to upload your cinema to Google+ Photos.

I’m a outrageous fan of Picasa since of a palliate of use and a approach it organizes all my pictures. The fact is that we can have my cinema stored locally however we like, have them orderly in Picasa differently regulating albums and afterwards upload them directly to Google+ Photos. we don’t like Flickr since it’s a pain to upload photos and they don’t have a desktop module to classify all my thousands of pictures. So if you’re perplexing to confirm on a best module to conduct your photos, we would go with Picasa!

Ok, so here’s how we would go about environment adult Google+ Photos with Picasa (and in spin environment adult Picasa itself)…STEPWISE!

Step 1) Download a Picasa program. Go to and click a Download Picasa link. A dialog box should cocktail adult seeking to save a record or run it. You can only click Run, so that after it downloads, it’ll automatically start a installation. As mentioned before, it’s accessible for both Mac and Windows, that is unequivocally nice.

Step 2) Next, before we start Picasa, we can pierce all your cinema to a My Pictures folder underneath My Documents. That’s where Picasa looks initial for your pictures. Now if we have a ton of cinema and it’ll take too prolonged to pierce them or we only don’t wish to, afterwards only go forward and open Picasa and we can tell it to demeanour in other folders for your pictures.

Step 3) Go forward and launch Picasa. Once it loads, a dialog comes adult seeking to possibly indicate your whole mechanism or only My Pictures, My Docs, and a desktop. we customarily select a latter choice (My Pics, My Docs, Desktop) since differently when the whole mechanism is scanned, it will pick up a lot of junk images that we substantially don’t want (Office icons, etc). So even if your pics are not in those folders, only select it anyway and I’ll show you how to supplement a folders later.

Step 4) Give it some time to find all a cinema and you’ll see a folders bucket on a left-hand side.  When we click on one of a folders, all a cinema bucket adult on a right side as thumbnails. By default, it’s intelligent adequate to sort out all a cinema by year, month and so forth.

Quick Tip: If a date set by Picasa is incorrect, only right-click on a folder and select Edit Description. Here we can change a date and also supplement a plcae if we like. 

Step 5) Once all is loaded, we can click on any of a folders in a left mirror and it’ll prominence that folder and move adult a cinema for that folder. Then simply right click on a folder and there is an choice called Upload to Google+ Photos. When we click that, it’ll ask we for your login information, so we need to emanate a Google comment if we don’t already have one. There is an choice to pointer up, so click that if we don’t have a Google account.

Step 6) Once we do that, it’ll move adult another dialog box seeking for a Title of a manuscript and some other information. Most of it is self-explantory, though leave a environment for Upload Setting to a default of Best for Sharing. You can select Original if we wish to emanate a backup of all your pictures at a top resolution.

Now that Google+ Photos is a new Picasa Web Albums, we have a choice to share with your Google+ circles. If we don’t supplement anyone, it will be a private album. Now click Upload and you’ve successfully uploaded your initial manuscript to Google+ Photos from Picasa.

Step 7) To perspective your photos on Google+, go a following link:

As of 2014, a storage skeleton have changed. Now we get 15GB of giveaway storage for Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos. Google+ Photos also has an overwhelming underline whereby we don’t get charged for storage if a cinema we upload are reduction than 2048×2048 in resolution. So if we select a Best for Sharing option, we could theoretically upload total photos for free.

You can buy additional storage that is common opposite Drive, Gmail and Photos starting during $2 a month for 100GB, $10 a month for 1 TB, and so on. Here is a couple on a new Google storage plans:

For this article, we only focused on regulating Picasa to get your photos orderly and uploaded to Google+ Photos though even mentioning all a other cold facilities of a module and of Google+ Photos. I’ll save that for another post, though Picasa is a good print modifying apparatus if we like to revise your photos before uploading.

picasa effects

Overall, it’s an considerable square of program and is a best choice for anyone who already has a Google comment and isn’t heavily invested in another use like Flickr. If we have any questions, feel giveaway to post them in a comments. Enjoy!

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