How to View & Take Photos in Widescreen (16:9) on iPhone

If we have any of a newer iPhones, we have substantially beheld that when we take a design with a camera, it always has black bars on possibly side of the image. The iPhone shade has opposite aspect ratio than a imitation and therefore a design doesn’t fill adult a whole screen.

For someone like me, this is only unequivocally an annoyance. Yes, there are advantages to a approach Apple does it, that we will explain below, yet it is still frustrating that we can’t suffer a full widescreen shot on my iPhone.

Luckily, there are a integrate of ways we can take and perspective your already taken photos in widescreen format on a iPhone. In this post, I’ll uncover we how to revise photos so that they can be widescreen and how to take a imitation in widescreen, yet a latter choice comes with some caveats.

Aspect Ratios

Before we get into a details, let’s try to know since photos taken on a iPhone will have black bars on possibly side of a imitation like shown below:

4x3 iphone photo

The iPhone takes photos with an aspect ratio of 4:3. Why? Well, apparently that is a elite ratio in still photography since it captures some-more pixels in a design and is a elite format for print, etc. If they were to use a 16:9 ratio for photos, afterwards we wouldn’t be means to constraint as most in any shot.

Have we ever beheld that when we switch from imitation to video on a iPhone, a camera zooms in? That is since HD video is shot during a 16:9 aspect ratio and therefore fills adult a whole screen. The downside is that a shot has to be cropped and a margin of perspective is extremely less.

In my opinion, Apple should have combined an choice to take 16:9 photos also and only given a warning to users that a fortitude would be reduction than a max fortitude probable with a 4:3 ratio picture. In my tests, a max fortitude imitation in 4:3 format from my iPhone 6S Plus was 4032 x 3024.

In iOS, there are dual ways to get your photos into 16:9 widescreen ratio: possibly by modifying a imitation or by holding a design while we are holding a video. If we revise a 4:3 imitation and modify it to 16:9, a ensuing fortitude is 4032 x 2268. If we take a 16:9 imitation while taking a video, a fortitude ends adult being 3840×2160.

widescreen iphone photo

So what does that mean? Basically, if we like a widescreen format, only keep holding photos in a customary 4:3 ratio and simply revise them to 16:9 during a after indicate like we did above. You’ll have to stand a design a small bit (height-wise), yet you’ll get a tip fortitude photo.

Widescreen Images on iPhone

OK, so now that we know a mechanics behind how a photos are taken and displayed on your phone, let’s speak about a dual ways to get widescreen photos. The initial approach is a simplest, yet it requires we to take a video.

Open a Camera app and switch to video. When we start holding a video, you’ll see a white circle seem during a bottom of a screen. This allows we to take a design while recording a video.

take design during video

There are a integrate of reasons since this isn’t a best approach to get a widescreen photo. Firstly, we have to take a video in sequence to take a widescreen shot. Obviously, we can only undo a video later, yet who wants to keep holding videos any time they wish to take a photo?

Secondly, like we mentioned earlier, a fortitude of a imitation taken while in camera mode is reduction than if we simply edited a 4:3 customary photo. So let’s speak about how to revise a photo. Open a Photos app and daub on a imitation we wish to edit.

edit photo

At a tip right, go forward and daub on a Edit link.

crop stagger image

Now daub on a initial idol towards a top, that is for rotating and gathering a image.

change aspect ratio

A few some-more icons will seem along with a round arrange of thing that we can use to stagger a image. In a case, we need to daub on a aspect ratio symbol during a bottom, right subsequent to a Cancel button.

change aspect ratio

Now you’ll get a popup with several opposite aspect ratios to select from. You need to corkscrew all a approach down to find the 16:9 ratio and daub on it.

new aspect ratio

Finally, we have to stand a design by relocating it around with your finger. The apportionment that is inside a box is what will turn your new widescreen photo.

crop image

Tap Done and your imitation will now be in widescreen format! That’s about all there is to it. Unfortunately, there is no approach to do this on a collection or set or photos in one go. You have to manually revise any imitation that we wish in widescreen format.


If that sounds like too most of a pain, afterwards we can download an app from a App Store called Camera+. You can change a sharpened mode to 16:9 and have a images automatically stored in a normal camera roll.

camera plus

Just daub on a small and idol subsequent to a large white round symbol and afterwards select a widescreen idol in a menu that pops out. To save images to your camera roll, tap on a small hamburger idol (three lines), afterwards daub on AutoSave and choose Camera Roll.

This is substantially a easiest approach to safeguard that all your photos are taken in widescreen format but carrying to manually do anything else. The fortitude of a design was also 4032×2268, so it’s also a max fortitude probable in that format. You can do a lot of other good things with that app, so it’s totally value a cost if we like widescreen images all a time.

Hopefully, these tips will assistance we know and suffer a photos we take on your iPhone. If we have any questions, feel giveaway to comment. Enjoy!

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