Mass Effect Andromeda And Battlefield 1 4K Checkerboard GDC 2017 Presentation Now Available Online

Among a many GDC 2017 presentations, there was a unequivocally engaging one that gave an in-depth demeanour during a 4K Checkerboard doing in a Frostbite engine, that powers many high form titles published by EA such as Battlefield 1 and a shortly to recover Mass Effect Andromeda. Most of this display has now been done accessible online.

While a full video is not nonetheless available, a display is unequivocally engaging as it lets users know some-more about this new technique, that has been done some-more renouned following a recover of a PlayStation 4 Pro. You can check all out by going here.

Checkerboard digest is a comparatively new technique, popularized recently by a introduction of a PlayStation 4 Pro. Many complicated diversion engines are adding support for it right now, and in this talk, Graham will benefaction an in-depth demeanour during a new doing in Frostbite, that is used in shipping titles like ‘Battlefield 1′ and ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’. Despite being conceptually simple, checkerboard digest requires a low formation into a post-processing chain, in sold temporal anti-aliasing, energetic fortitude scaling, and poses several hurdles to existent effects. This display will cover a basis of checkerboard rendering, explain a impact on a diversion engine that powers a far-reaching operation of titles, and yield a minute demeanour during how a stream doing in Frostbite works, including topics like intent id, alpha unrolling, slope adjust, and a rarely fit abyss resolve.

Checkerboard digest  is a technique dictated to support GPUs with digest images during high resolutions. This technique creates it probable for a PlayStation 4 Pro, that is not absolute adequate for local 4K, to grasp this fortitude during excusable support rates. The latest Sony console comes with specialised hardware that carries out checkerboard digest with reduction opening loss.

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