Mass Effect Andromeda Gets Free DLC Multiplayer Maps, Bioware Confirms

Mass Effect Andromeda DLC multiplayer maps will be giveaway according to Bioware.

Bioware’s ubiquitous manager, Aaryn Flynn, reliable this on Twitter. “It’s going to be only like ME3”, Flynn stated.

Mass Effect 3 perceived several giveaway expansions, including a Earth DLC that combined 3 new multiplayer maps, and a Retaliation container that combined fraudulent environmental hazards to 6 existent maps.

Yesterday we reported on how a Mass Effect Andromeda Early Access Trial will have a “gated” debate mode, while a multiplayer mode will be playable but restrictions.

Mass Effect Andromeda will recover after this month on Mar 21 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (with PS4 Pro support).

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