Microsoft Regrets Offering Unlimited OneDrive Storage, Resets Limit To 1TB Per User

Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage use has been in a news for a total storage intrigue for name customers. However, a association recently took a payoff divided when it schooled that total use had crossed a share that association did not devise before. The users with total information have stored information on an huge basis, and this done Microsoft confirm a extent for a supposed total information storage limit. The new 1TB storage extent has been set, that is current from Mar 1.

Well, we would not call it startling as a reports started floating on a internet from Dec itself. To recap, Microsoft offering Office 365 subscribers with a nominal total cloud storage on OneDrive. While providing a “unlimited” service, Microsoft did not calculate a risk that entailed and how distant business could go in a name of total cloud storage. On inquiry, Microsoft recognized a emanate as top-level use ‘abuse’ by users and afterwards went on determining a extent for each subscriber – 1TB per user.

Besides, this is not a opposite strike. Apparently, after using a total use for roughly a year, Microsoft started notifying a subscribers about a new storage extent around e-mails. The association also mentioned a activation date for a new limit. Even yet Microsoft set a activation date for Mar 1, though some users were still saying a total storage and that could be since of refurbish rollout timeline that infrequently exceeds 48 hours. Predictably, users shall start saying a storage extent from tomorrow.

If you’re among a total devise users on OneDrive afterwards we will be given 3 months of time to pierce your information to other use or outmost device if your information exceeds 1TB. We consternation what was Microsoft upto when it motionless to offer total storage on cloud. Of course, users would make a many out of such devise as carrying all we information on cloud is an easy approach to entrance it from anywhere but a need of carrying outmost storage devices.

What’s your take on this news? Do we consider Microsoft is right for tagging it underneath use “abuse”? Share your views in a criticism territory below.

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