OTT Guide to Opening Links in IE 10

If we haven’t beheld yet, Windows 8 has dual versions of Internet Explorer. Basically, dual opposite Internet Explorers: one is a Metro IE and a other is a desktop IE. we have explained in a prior post a differences between Metro and desktop IE and because we consider it’s substantially not a good idea. Two apart versions of IE will mostly only upset users and make them switch to alternatives like Chrome.

Either way, in this article, I’m going to assistance we know how we can take control of IE 10 so that if we confirm to use it, we can indeed know what’s going on rather than apropos frustrated. Once we know for my prior post a disproportion between a dual versions of IE, we can now get into determining how we wish links to open in IE and in that version.

Opening Links in IE 10

By default, if we open a couple in a desktop module in Windows 8, it will open in desktop IE 10 and if we open a couple in a Metro app (Windows Store), it will open in a Metro chronicle of IE. You can change this function if we like. Here’s how. First we need to go into IE settings, that we can do by going to a Start Screen and typing launch.

open ie links

Then go forward and click on Choose how we open links. This will move we to a Programs add-on in the Internet Options dialog for IE 10. You can also get here by opening a desktop chronicle of IE, clicking on a rigging idol and afterwards going to Internet Options and clicking on a Programs tab.

programs add-on ie 10

Now we can select how links are opened. You can presumably choose Let Internet Explorer decide, that is a default movement that we explained above or we can select Always in Internet Explorer (Metro) or Always in Internet Explorer on a desktop.

Depending on what we choose, all links non-stop from Metro apps or desktop apps can be non-stop in presumably a Metro chronicle or a desktop version. Underneath that option, there is a check box named Open Internet Explorer Tiles on a Desktop.

Let me explain what this choice does. Let’s contend we pin a site to a Start Screen from a desktop chronicle of IE:

pin to start

Now let’s contend we pin a site to a Start Screen from a Metro chronicle of IE:

pin to start ie

Now if we go to your Start Screen, you’ll see a dual sites pinned, though they demeanour somewhat different.

pinned sites

If we click on a one we pinned from desktop IE, it will open in desktop IE. If we click on a one from Metro IE, afterwards it’ll open in Metro IE. Simple enough. If we check that box, clicking on any tile will open it in a desktop version. I’m not certain because there is not choice to open all pinned sites in Metro IE, though it doesn’t exist.

IE 10 as Default Browser

In addition, there is an additional turn in a whole thing. If IE 10 is not a default browser, we can’t even open a Metro chronicle of IE anymore. I’m not certain what a indicate of that unequivocally is, though this is how Microsoft annoyingly automatic Windows 8. So if we change a default browser and afterwards go to a launch settings, you’ll see that a choice to select how we open links in IE 10 is greyed out.

ie 10 greyed out

You can review my prior post on how to change a default browser in Windows 8 to and from IE 10. Overall, we consider carrying dual opposite browsers for browsing a web is stupid and annoying. They should have only combined one browser with dual interfaces or something like that. Opening links is only a hold of a surface. If we review my post on Enhance Protected Mode in IE 10, you’ll unequivocally be wondering how Microsoft could presumably consider this is easier than carrying one chronicle of IE. What do we think? Let us know in a comments. Enjoy!

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