OTT Guide to Understanding Google Chrome Advanced Features

Google Chrome is a flattering overwhelming browser and any new refurbish always brings an additional cold or useful feature. Chrome is a special browser in my perspective since it’s combined by Google. For this reason, Chrome has some facilities that implement a modernized record that Google has grown over a final decade with their other products like search, docs, etc.

In this post, I’m going to go by some of a modernized options and settings in Google Chrome and explain what those facilities do. In some cases, we competence wish to capacitate them and in other cases, we competence wish to invalidate a modernized options. Either way, it’s good to know what your choices are and how they can advantage you.


To get started, let’s go to a Advanced Settings territory in Chrome. Click on a Customize symbol in a tip right dilemma and click on Settings.

chrome settings

Then corkscrew down and click on a Show modernized settings link during a bottom of a page. Here we will see all of a modernized settings, some of that we will speak about some-more in this post.

show modernized settings

Privacy/Web Services

All of a engaging modernized facilities of Chrome are underneath a Privacy territory in modernized settings. Here we can transparent a cache, conduct cookies and pop-ups and capacitate or invalidate a use of a integrate of web services.

Up until a integrate of days ago, Google Chrome was a usually vital browser that did not have an choice for enabling Do Not Track. It’s now been combined as an choice underneath a Privacy section.

do not track

If we wish to capacitate this option, check a Send a ‘Do Not Track’ ask with your browsing traffic box. This fundamentally will forewarn any website that we wish not to be tracked while browsing. Note that this doesn’t pledge your remoteness in any way, it only tells a website that this is your preference. It’s adult to a website to indeed mind a request. They can totally omit it if they like and constraint any information they like. When we check a box, you’ll get a cocktail adult summary explaining this:

chrome do not track

This choice is not enabled by default, so we will have to manually capacitate it if we wish a feature. Another modernized choice is the Use a web use to assistance solve navigation errors checkbox.

web service

What accurately does this choice do? Well, it fundamentally can assistance we find an choice website if a site we are perplexing to revisit is down. Or let’s contend we form in an residence and it can't be resolved to a web page, Chrome will try to give we useful options. For example, if i form in, we will get a Oops! Google Chrome could not find, though will also get a idea for a scold site.

could not find site

This has valid to be unequivocally useful in a lot of situations when we could not remember a accurate URL for a website, though had a slight inkling. Using their modernized algorithms and outrageous datasets, we always finish adult removing a right answer or a answer we are looking for.

Next adult is the Use a prophecy use to assistance finish searches and URLs typed in a residence bar check box.

prediction service

This is another unequivocally useful underline that utilizes Google’s modernized algorithms to give we suggestions as we form in a residence bar. The underline will uncover we associated matches from your browsing history, associated web searches and list renouned websites that competence compare what we are typing.

related searches

As we can see in a instance above, if we form in car prices, we automatically get a integrate of additional options including automobile prices in india, and automobile prices in usa. This is cold since I’m now in India and it rescued my plcae and afterwards gave me a location-specific option. The subsequent option, Predict network actions to urge page bucket performance, can speed adult your browsing knowledge in Google Chrome.

network actions

Chrome has an overwhelming prerendering record that will automatically prerender a page before we click on it if it feels there is a high possibility we will revisit that page next. we have found browsing to be faster, generally when regulating a Internet on a delayed Internet connection.

The Enable phishing and malware protection is an modernized choice we should unequivocally enable. Google is a aristocrat of indexing web pages on a Internet and therefore it knows a ton about any page, including either a page is spammy, has malware, or is a phishing website.

website malware

Chrome will give we a outrageous warning page revelation we that a site competence enclose malware and could mistreat your computer. You even have to check a box and afterwards click Proceed Anyway to indeed revisit a site. we have found that this warning isn’t always accurate, though a commission of fake positives is tiny. There have been a garland of times when we clicked on a integrate from an email or from Facebook and didn’t revisit a site since Chrome told me of probable malware.

The final web use in Chrome is the Use a web use to assistance solve spelling errors checkbox. This is unequivocally good since we can fundamentally ascent your spell checker in Chrome to a same spell checker that is used in Google hunt and Google docs.

spell checker chrome

The simple spell checker will fundamentally compare difference opposite a dictionary, that is good, though if we check this option, we also get an modernized spell checker that understands context also. For example, if we form in Icland is an icland, we can right click and see that Google managed to figure out we were perplexing to form Iceland is an island.

spell checker

spell checker test

Pretty neat! You won’t get that kind of spell checking if we don’t capacitate this option. These are a integrate of a unequivocally useful modernized facilities of Chrome that we should check out if haven’t finished so already. Enjoy!

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