Prevent Google Chrome from Opening PDF Files in a Browser

I’ve been operative on a plan newly where we have to download a lot of PDFs from a website and afterwards go by them and prominence text, supplement comments, etc. In Google Chrome, whenever we click on a couple to a PDF file, it only opens a record inside a browser window.

chrome pdf viewer

This is flattering available for many people and it was excellent for me until we started this project. Other than observation a PDF file, we unequivocally can’t do anything else with a record if it’s non-stop in Chrome. So basically, we was clicking on a save button, saving it to a tough expostulate and afterwards opening it from there. After a while, this started to turn a small irritating and time consuming.

save pdf chrome

I was regulating Adobe Acrobat on my Mac to make a edits to a PDF files, so we wanted to use that instead of Chrome. Finally, after personification around with things for a while, we managed to figure out a good solution. In sequence to forestall Chrome from opening a PDF files, we had to invalidate a Chrome PDF Viewer. Here’s how we can do it. Open Chrome and pulp a following into a residence bar:


Now find Chrome PDF Viewer and click on a Disable link.

disable pdf viewer

Once we invalidate Chrome PDF Viewer, when we click on a couple for a PDF file, it will now only download it like a normal record as shown below:

download pdf

Now when we click on a file, it will automatically open in a default focus set for opening PDF files on your machine. Note that in further to disabling Chrome PDF Viewer, we competence also have to invalidate Adobe PDF Viewer in a Chrome plug-ins section. When we implement Adobe Acrobat, it also installs a PDF spectator in Chrome too, so if we wish to open a PDF files in a desktop Adobe program, you’ll need to invalidate all PDF viewers that are Chrome plug-ins.

In addition, we might have to change a default module for opening PDF files on your computer. For example, on my Mac, a PDF files were opening in Preview rather than Adobe Acrobat. To change a PDF spectator on a Mac, we have to right-click on a PDF record and select Get Info.


get info mac

Then we have to enhance the Open with section and change a module to a preferred PDF spectator of your choice. Then click a Change All button, that will safeguard all PDF files open regulating that program.

open with mac

For Windows users, we can check out my prior posts on changing a default module to open a record with and environment default programs in Windows 7. Hopefully, if we are one of those folks who doesn’t need a default PDF spectator in Chrome, we can use a technique above to solve a problem. Enjoy!

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