Print from iPhone/iPad to Any Printer

Got a printer and need to imitation something from your iPhone or iPad? If your printer supports AirPrint, thing couldn’t be easier. The printer will usually uncover adult in a list and you’re good to go.

If we do not have an AirPrint-enabled printer, however, afterwards you’re flattering many out of luck. Luckily, there are several ways we can modify any printer into an AirPrint-enabled printer.

In this article, I’ll speak about a third-party collection we can implement so that you’ll be means to imitation directly from your iPhone or iPad to your locally trustworthy printer or network/wireless printer.


Before we get into a details, let’s speak about a mandate for this to work. Firstly, we need to have a printer already commissioned and operative on during slightest one computer. It doesn’t matter if a printer is trustworthy locally to a appurtenance or if it is a wireless/network printer, it usually needs to be commissioned on a machine.

Secondly, in sequence to imitation from your Apple device to your non-AirPrint printer, you’ll need to keep a mechanism on during all times. The third-party module fundamentally acts as a substitute and all a imitation jobs go to a mechanism initial and afterwards are upheld on to a tangible printer.

Lastly, you’ll have to spend some income as these third-party apps are not free. It’s value deliberation bypassing all of this difficulty and simply shopping a new AirPrint-enabled printer as they are flattering inexpensive these days.

With that out of a way, let’s get into a details. I’m going to discuss several programs, some for Mac and some for Windows. In addition, I’ll speak about some hardware we can buy that will also act as a imitation server.

Windows AirPrint

For Windows machines, a many renouned module is O’Print, that costs $19.80. You can download a giveaway 30-day hearing to make certain that it works scrupulously with your printer and system. Overall, we found a program’s interface to be a tiny outdated, though a functionality was excellent.

Once we download and implement a software, a categorical interface of a module will uncover we all a printers commissioned on your system.


If we do not see any printers in a list, it means we have to go to System PreferencesPrinter Scanners and supplement a printer to OS X first. Once a printer is added, go behind to O’Print and it should uncover adult in a list.

At this point, we unequivocally don’t have to do anything else unless your printer uses a opposite pier than a customary port. You can click on a Edit symbol (paper with coop icon) to change a name of a printer if we like.

o imitation iphone

Now when we go to imitation from your iPhone or iPad and we daub on Select Printer, we should see all a O’Print printers listed underneath Other Printers. You’ll also see it has a name of a mechanism underneath a printer name.

There is one other choice for Windows that requires a bit some-more technical setup, though is totally free. Check out this beam to implement AirPrintActivator and see if it works for you.

Mac AirPrint

For Mac users, there are dual programs we recommend: HandyPrint and Printopia. HandyPrint requires a concession in sequence to activate a permit and a smallest volume is $5. So basically, we can squeeze HandyPrint for $5. Printopia is $19.99, though HandyPrint has a PRO chronicle that requires a $20 donation. The PRO chronicle can run even when a user is not logged into a Mac.

Once we download HandyPrint, run a DMG record and afterwards drag a idol onto a Applications folder in sequence to implement it.

install handyprint

When we run a program, it’ll detect your printer and uncover it in a list. You’ll also need to make certain that a toggle symbol is set to On.


From your iPhone or iPad, you’ll now see all HandyPrint printers listed underneath Other Printers.

handyprint iphone

Printopia is flattering many accurately a same literally in terms of coming and functionality.


Printopia also has a Send to Mac printer, that is a available approach to imitation a request directly to your computer. Both programs worked unequivocally good in my tests, so we don’t unequivocally see any reason to spend $20 when we can get HandyPrint for $5.

Printer Pro

One final choice that we should discuss is Printer Pro by Readdle. It’s a multiple iPhone/iPad app and desktop module that runs on Mac or Windows. The app is $7 in a App Store and a desktop app is free.

It works usually like a other programs mentioned above in a clarity that we need to have a desktop app using during all times in sequence for imitation jobs to go through. The smartphone/tablet app is unequivocally a many veteran and discriminating app out there and it has a lot of features, so if we do some critical copy and need to change printer settings a lot, this competence be your best option.

printer pro

It’s value observant that we should implement a app on your iPhone or iPad initial and see if it can imitation directly to a printer but a desktop app. According to a site, it can imitation directly from within a app to many printers but a additional desktop app. Overall, it’s a good choice and not too expensive.

Lantronix xPrintServer

Outside of programs, we can also squeeze a hardware device from a association called Lantronix that acts as a imitation server. The xPrintServer is something we have owned, so we know it works well. The usually issues are that we need to make certain your printer is upheld and it costs a whopping $200!


This is a unequivocally good resolution if we are in a tiny bureau sourroundings with many Apple users and many printers. It doesn’t unequivocally make clarity for a home with one or dual printers.

Those are flattering many all a options for copy to a non-AirPrint enabled printer on your network. Note that if we imitation usually from Chrome or other Google apps like Gmail, etc., we can simply setup Google Cloud Print and not worry about any of these programs. If we have any questions, feel giveaway to comment. Enjoy!

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