Remotely Access a PC or Mac from a Smartphone or Tablet

Being means to entrance a files on your PC or Mac from your smartphone is ultra convenient, as we expected store significantly some-more files and information on your computer, than we do your phone. Your mechanism is expected a categorical heart for your photos, videos, media, business information and more.

Computer Hard Drive

One of a some-more renouned ways to entrance files on a computer, from a smartphone or tablet, is to simply use cloud services. If you’re looking for a cloud service, burst to a essay on a best cloud services.

However, if you’re on a go and need to entrance an critical record on your computer, cloud services need that a sold record be stored in a specified cloud backup folder. For example, with Dropbox, this would be a Dropbox folder. If you’ve lost to duplicate a record to your cloud folder, afterwards it won’t be permitted from your smartphone or tablet.

In today’s post, we will examination how we can indeed benefit full entrance to your PC or Mac, including being means to entrance files, run applications and more, directly from a smartphone or tablet.

Android Smartphones and Tablets

Remote Desktop by Kolakowski Damian (Free)

This giveaway remote desktop app works by pairing your smartphone with your mechanism around web browser (Chrome or Firefox). Its singular interface also allows for smoother, some-more manageable navigation from a smartphone or tablet.

Kolakowski Remote Desktop

Pocket Cloud Remote Desktop Pro ($14.99)

Pocket Cloud Remote Desktop Pro is a reward remote desktop customer that boasts scarcely ideal Google Play ratings from users. Aside from elementary desktop access, a app is also excellent tuned for touchscreen navigation. Unique facilities like a navigation circle concede we to navigate your desktop some-more effectively from hold shade devices.

Pro Remote Desktop

Team Viewer Free Edition (Free)

Team Viewer Free Edition is one of a some-more renouned remote desktop apps in Google Play. Using a Team Viewer disdainful customer interface, we simply download a app to your device, download a app to your computer, and you’re set to go.

Team Viewer Free Edition

Splashtop Remote Desktop ($4.99)

Splashtop was one of a initial companies to yield remote desktop apps for smartphones and tablets. Their Splashtop Remote Desktop program for Android offers copiousness of facilities and disdainful navigation controls for creation desktop navigation simpler, from a smartphone or tablet’s touchscreen interface.

Google play Splashtop

2x Client RDP/Remote Desktop (Free)

With copiousness of facilities accessible in a giveaway app, 2x Client RDP competence be a good remote desktop choice. Unique built-in optimizers and controls make a remote desktop tie automobile optimize perspective for smartphones and tablets. Need to revise Word papers on a go, though forgot to supplement them to Dropbox? The manageable focus views for this app make even modifying files simple.

2x Remote Desktop

Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad

iTeleport ($24.99)

The $24.99 cost tab seems a bit high, though if we wish one of a best, veteran remote desktop apps for your iDevice, we competence wish to cruise iTeleport, an app that has been solidly endorsed by many Mac and Apple users.

Apple iTeleport

LogMeIn (Free)

With a LogMeIn account, a giveaway app, and a desktop app, we can control your Mac or PC from your iPhone, iPod or iPad seamlessly. With full mechanism entrance and LogMeIn’s disdainful controls, we can revise Mac or Windows papers simply, even while on a go from a smartphone.


RDM Desktop Lite (Free)

If morality is a key, we competence wish to cruise regulating a RDM Desktop Lite app to entrance your Mac or PC from an iDevice. Including only adequate facilities to get a pursuit done, though not too many that a app is overwhelming, RDM Desktop simply works.

RDM Desktop Mac

PocketCloud Remote Desktop (Free)

We mentioned a paid, veteran chronicle of Pocket Cloud above, for Android smartphones. However, a association also supports a iPhone/iPad/iPod height around their PocketCloud Remote Desktop Free Edition. Available on Android also, PocketCloud is one of a some-more renouned apps that offers good harmony for some-more platforms.

iSSH ($9.99)

If we wish an app for remote desktop connections, though cite a approach tie around SSH, we competence wish to cruise a iSSH SSH emulator for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac. Exclusive facilities embody desktop manager and some singular interface controls.


Thank we for interlude by a site for today’s post. The apps mentioned above are among a best remote desktop customer apps for Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad Touch, that will give we full entrance to your Mac or PC desktop on a go. Need some-more than only entrance to a folder on your desktop (cloud), we competence wish to cruise one of these apps, that concede we to revise documents, perspective files, and even run programs.

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