Review – iClever Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

Looking for a peculiarity Bluetooth orator that sounds good, supports a latest tech and isn’t super expensive? Well, a group over during iClever sent me several of their gadgets to exam out and a one I’m substantially many tender with is a Bluetooth wireless speaker.

It should be remarkable that we have been given a examination section by iClever, though this is not a sponsored post nor have we been paid to write it. we will list out a pluses and minuses of a device and give my ubiquitous opinion formed on my possess usage.

The accurate indication we am reviewing is a iClever Bluetooth IC-BTS02 speaker. If we possess one of these and have anything to add, feel giveaway to leave a comment. Now let’s examination it!

iclever bluetooth speaker

Size Design

The initial thing that struck me about a orator was a size. It’s a small small orator that fits simply into your hand. It was also small adequate to fit into my coupler pocket, that was available when we took it for walks in a timberland with my kids. The accurate distance is 2.75 inches high by 2.5 inches (length width).

bluetooth orator size

For examination purposes, a distance will make it unequivocally easy to take with we anywhere. The other large and is that it looks unequivocally nice. It’s all black with a blue rope by a center. The sides have some kind of silken surface, that creates it a bit shiny.

The customarily problem with a silken sides is that your fingerprints sojourn on a section and we will need to constantly purify it if we have greasy or clammy hands. The orator is on a tip of a unit, so all a sound comes out from there.

On a front of a section is one button, that controls Bluetooth and phone calls. If we flip a section over, you’ll see a rest of a controls. You have 3 buttons to control strain and volume.

speaker bottom

In addition, we have an On/Off switch, that helps save battery life. In terms of weight, a section is unequivocally reduction than a pound. According to a documentation, it’s tighten to 9 ounces. The customarily other small emanate we beheld in terms of pattern is that a bottom uses a rubber material, that collects a lot of mud and dirt. Luckily, we can usually take a soppy paper towel and purify it to purify it off.

Functionality Ease of Use

So what can this small orator do? Well, it’s categorical duty is to bond to any device that supports Bluetooth and act as an outmost speaker. When we got a speaker, we wanted to see if we could set it adult though carrying to review a instructions.

That’s customarily my exam on how discerning a association creates their products. After flipping a switch to On, we figured we would have to press and reason a symbol on a front to enter pairing mode. Thankfully, that’s accurately how it works. The symbol will start to peep and afterwards we can go to your tablet/smartphone/device and bond to a speaker.

iphone bluetooth

Above, we connected a orator to my iPhone 6S Plus by simply drumming on it. The good thing about a orator is that we don’t need to form in any cue or anything else to bond around Bluetooth. Once connected, audio from your device will now come by a speaker.

Depending on your device and what spin of Bluetooth it supports, all audio might be routed by a device. For example, when regulating my Nexus 6 and iPhone 6S Plus, each sound generated on a phone was piped by to a speaker. This enclosed all audio from any app that we used, phone calls, FaceTime calls, music, etc.

In addition, on any kind of call, we have to speak to a orator and not your phone. The orator has a built-in mic and a orator on a phone would deactivate automatically when connected to a Bluetooth speaker. This indeed works out good since we can listen and speak directly to a orator rather than carrying to speak into your phone and listen around a speaker.

I was means to leave my phone on my table and travel around a residence with a orator while on a phone call. Obviously, we can usually do that with your phone too, though this orator is unequivocally louder than a phone speaker. The customarily downside here is that we have to keep a orator within about 2 feet of your face, differently no one can hear we clearly.

In terms of specs, a orator supports Bluetooth chronicle 4.0, A2Dp, AVRCP, HFE and HFP. It’s also value observant that we can customarily bond one device to a orator during a time. Once connected to a device, it will automatically reconnect to that device when we spin a orator behind on.

If we do not use a orator for a certain volume of time (15 minutes), it will automatically energy off, that is unequivocally a compulsory underline for a device of this type. However, this customarily occurs when a device is on, though not interconnected with any other device. If we leave it on and it stays interconnected to your phone, etc., afterwards it seems to sojourn on and a battery will run out most faster.

speaker controls

Luckily, a buttons on a bottom are also designed intuitively. For example, if we are listening to strain and we press a subsequent strain button, it will bucket a subsequent song. However, that symbol is also a boost volume button. Well, we attempted holding down a symbol instead of usually dire it and certain enough, we started conference beeps and a volume removing louder.

In terms of a battery, that is a 500mAh lithium-polymer battery, a device lasts a surprisingly prolonged time. we wasn’t means to exam it from full assign to passed while invariably personification music, though a device lasted for several days on one assign with a few hours of use per day. It should be remarkable that we always incited a device off manually when we was not regulating it.

In terms of charging, a battery takes several hours to charge, that is to be expected. The orator comes with a USB to micro-USB cable, that we can bond to your mechanism for charging. You can also usually squeeze a energy adapter if we wish to assign it faster from a wall outlet.

Other useful facilities embody a Line-in or AUX pier on a back. If we have a strain actor or wish audio piped from a device that doesn’t support Bluetooth, though has a 3.5 mm audio jack, afterwards this underline comes in unequivocally handy.

Sound Quality

Lastly, though not to be forgotten, is a sound quality! Obviously, when you’re spending $25 for something, it’s not going to blow we divided like a Bose orator would, though it’s also not costing we a fortune.

The orator has a 5W driver, that delivers flattering decent sound for such a small small device. we was utterly tender with a peculiarity of a sound overall. According to a manual, a magnitude operation is 90Hz to 18Khz, that sounds about accurate.

Depending on what kind of strain we listen to, a sound peculiarity will vary. For example, strain with a lot of highs sounds excellent, though strain with some-more mids doesn’t sound as good. The drum is good, though obviously with any orator of this size, you’ll get some of that “muddied” sound.

Outside of that issue, a orator is VERY loud. we bloody this thing during full volume on a orator and on my phone and we literally had to step divided since it was spiteful my ears. The sound was also not as twisted as we suspicion it would be during such a high volume.


Overall, we would give this Bluetooth orator a 9 out of 10 when comparing it to other similarly-priced speakers. The size, build-quality, sound-quality, neat pattern and facilities make it one of a best unstable speakers for this price.

I’ve customarily used a orator for about 3 weeks, so we will refurbish this post if we run into any issues after on. For example, one chairman wrote on Amazon that a battery stopped holding a assign after several months. It could have been a poor section since we didn’t review any other identical reviews, though I’ll check a explain out myself too. Enjoy!

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