Sony PS4 Remote Play to Windows or Mac Setup & Review

Since we bought a PlayStation 4 final year as a present to myself, we was utterly vehement to hear about a remote play underline entrance in module refurbish 3.50. we commissioned it immediately and attempted it out on my Mac and PC to see how good it worked.

Overall, we would give a remote play underline a 4 out of 5 stars, advancing one star for a lower-than-desired 720p fortitude that a underline maxes out at. The setup is unequivocally easy and all usually worked well, that is startling whenever we have to tide something opposite a network.

Just streaming a film from my Synology NAS to my HDTV downstairs customarily formula in some arrange of troubleshooting on my part, so we approaching to run into during slightest a integrate of issues. However, all worked though a hitch.

I’ll initial fast go over how to setup remote play on a Windows PC and afterwards speak about a performance, troubleshooting, etc. The setup procession was flattering most matching on a Mac. You should also know that remote play doesn’t work with Windows 7, usually Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. For Macs, it’s possibly OS X Yosemite or El Capitan.

Install PS4 Remote Play

Obviously, a initial step is to spin on your PS4 and make certain we have commissioned a latest complement software, that should be 3.50 as of a time of this writing. To refurbish a complement module on your PS4, press adult on a D-Pad and afterwards over to a right until Settings is highlighted.

ps 4 settings

Now corkscrew down until we see System Software Update and press X on a controller.

ps4 complement module update

If an refurbish is available, it will automatically be downloaded and installed. Once your complement is up-to-date, we can now implement a Remote Play module on your Windows or Mac machine.

remote play download

The designation is straight-forward and doesn’t need we to name any settings, etc. Once completed, run a PS4 Remote Play module from your desktop.

connect controller

The initial shade that will popup tells we to bond a DualShock 4 controller to your mechanism around USB. Once we have connected your controller, we can possibly click on Start or Settings. we advise clicking on settings initial to configure a fortitude and support rate.

ps4 remote play settings

By default, a fortitude is set to 540p and a support rate is set to Standard. If we are streaming PS4 games over your home network and all is gigabit, afterwards we should be glorious changing a fortitude to 720p and a support rate to High. Obviously, if we run into sound issues or choppy graphics, we can change these environment any time we run remote play.

Currently, remote play does not support 1080p or aloft resolutions and competence or competence not in a future. If a PS4 doesn’t have a hardware to hoop 1080p, afterwards we’ll substantially be stranded with 720p until a PS4.5 comes out.

It’s also value observant that remote play will work opposite a Internet too, though a formula will count heavily on the Internet tie speeds during both locations. we didn’t get to try this out, so we can’t unequivocally criticism on how it performs.

Finally, once we configure your settings, click on Start and you’ll initial be asked to pointer into a PlayStation network. You’ll apparently need a PSN criticism and it should be a same criticism that your PS4 is logged into.

sign into playstation

Once we have sealed in, it will start acid for your PS4 automatically. It competence take a notation or dual while it searches for a console. If it doesn’t find your PS4, we can also click on a Register Manually symbol and try that method.

finding ps4

If all goes well, we should get a window with your PS4 bubbling to your Windows or Mac machine!

playstation 4 pc

As we mentioned above, a opening and peculiarity of a diversion streaming was glorious over a internal network. If we are regulating a 1080p display, we won’t be as unhappy as we was with a 720p resolution. we have a 2560×1440 guard and so a window is sincerely tiny on a screen. If we have a 4K monitor, it’s going to be unequivocally tiny unless we have all scaled up.

Troubleshooting Tips

If we are carrying issues removing all working, record onto your PS4 and check a integrate of settings. Firstly, go to Settings, afterwards PlayStation Network/Account Management and name Activate as Your Primary PS4.

activate primary ps4

You unequivocally usually need to do this if we have mixed setup underneath a same account. You can usually tide games over remote play from a primary PS4. Once it is primary, go to Settings and afterwards Remote Play Connection Settings.

remote play tie settings

Make certain that Enable Remote Play is checked. Finally, so that we don’t have to keep going to your PS4 and manually branch it on before personification remotely, go to Settings, then Power Save Settings and select Set Features Available in Rest Mode.

turn on from network

Make certain that Stay Connected to a Internet and Enable Turning On PS4 from Network are checked. Even if your PS4 is incited off or in rest mode, it will spin on when we start a remote play session.

That’s about it! Overall, it works good and it’s a good underline to have if we possess a PS4 system. Unlike a Xbox One, PS4 supports streaming to Macs and over a Internet, that are dual glorious pluses. If we have any questions, feel giveaway to comment. Enjoy!

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