The Best Free Apps for a New iPhone

When we initial got adult new iPhone 5S (thanks to my parents), we now went to a app store and starting downloading apps! Having a smartphone and not regulating apps is like carrying a mechanism and usually regulating it to crop a Internet. If we have an iPhone, you’re also propitious given a Apple app store is still improved than a Android app store in terms of series of apps and peculiarity of apps, in my opinion.

So what are a best giveaway apps to download for your new iPhone right away? Well, there are a bunch! Obviously, everybody will have their preferences, so I’ll try to keep this list sincerely ubiquitous and useful for anyone. In addition, we won’t list many alternatives, usually one or dual during a many and routinely a best ones.

I’ll also mangle it down by category, so if you’re looking for a best video app or discuss app, we can skip down to a suitable section. I’m not going to discuss any games given a “best” diversion changes bland and there are already adequate lists online for anticipating good games. I’ll also not discuss news apps and a confederate of other categories that are flattering self-explanatory.

Best Maps/Navigation Apps

iphone maps

Google Maps – we flattering many use a GPS on my iPhone all a time when pushing and it’s totally transposed a Garmin GPS we had used for years before. Apple Maps is flattering good now, nonetheless it’s still lags distant behind Google Maps. Since it’s a Google product, we can record in regulating your Google comment also and have all your information synced, that creates life a lot easier.

Waze – Waze is turn-by-turn navigation with a further of a amicable village that helps brings in useful information for drivers. It has been acquired by Google, nonetheless it still a apart app. Eventually, it competence be joined into Google Maps, that would make that app a usually one we unequivocally need for GPS navigation!

Best Weather Apps

yahoo weather

There are a million continue apps and it unequivocally comes down to preferences, so we competence hatred my list! If we unequivocally adore something else, post in a comments.

Yahoo Weather – This is my favorite given it’s got a pleasing interface and flattering many all a information we need, unless you’re hardcore about weather, in that box you’ll substantially be spending income on a imagination continue app. But for free, this is usually perfect.

Weather Underground – A lot of people swear by this app and I’ve used it also and unequivocally favourite it. It’s free, nonetheless it includes ads. That’s a usually downside. You can compensate 99 cents and get a ads removed, nonetheless we’re perplexing to usually discuss a best giveaway apps. Regardless of a ads, it’s still an glorious continue app.

Best Camera/Photo Apps

apple camera apps

flickr – The flickr app lets we crop your Flickr photos and also lets we upload all from your iPhone adult to their giveaway 1 TB storage account. If we take a lot of photos, this is a good option. It’s also got filters and modifying tools, so we can repair adult your photos before uploading to flickr, Twitter or Facebook.

Google+ – Google+ is mostly a amicable networking app, nonetheless we listed it underneath best camera/photo apps also given it is indeed unequivocally good for photos. If we used Picasa Web Albums in a past, those have been converted into Google+ print albums and we can entrance them all from a Google+ app. It also automobile uploads all your photos and videos to Google+ and emanate charcterised GIFs, enhances photos and some-more for we automatically.

Instagram – It’s tough not to find a crony who isn’t regulating Instagram. Even nonetheless Facebook bought them, they are still one of a many renouned print pity apps out there.

Snapseed – The above-mentioned apps are mostly associated to print observation and storage, nonetheless Snapseed is good for print effects. You can renovate and adjust photos with a many options and collection this app includes all for free.

Photo Editor by Aviary – Another giveaway app, nonetheless this one has in-app purchases if we wish some-more effects than usually a simple ones. The giveaway chronicle has a lot of facilities and some-more than adequate to emanate some flattering cold edited photos.

VSCO Cam – Again, like a print app by Aviary, we get a simple set of filters and can squeeze some-more around in-app purchases. The module uses some modernized record to supplement overwhelming effects to your photos.

Best Cloud Storage Apps


Dropbox – The many renouned and widely known, Dropbox is flattering honeyed for storing your files in a cloud. It works on flattering many each device and on a iPhone it’s extraordinary for uploading all your photos and videos automatically. Only downside? Expensive for storage. If we use a lot of data, you’ll be profitable approach some-more than a competitors.

Google Drive – My new favorite given of a outrageous cost drop: $10 a month for 1 TB of storage. You usually get 500 GB on Dropbox for $500 a year. My new devise is to pierce many information from Dropbox to Google Drive and afterwards continue to use Dropbox, nonetheless usually on a smaller reduction costly plans. Google Drive can’t aut0-upload anything from your phone. Google+ can, nonetheless a dual don’t now confederate unequivocally well, something Google needs to do if they wish to contest some-more with Dropbox.

OneDrive – Even nonetheless it’s from Microsoft, it’s a flattering good app. Just about everybody has a Windows PC, that creates this app indeed useful. OneDrive is integrated into Office 2013, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Microsoft Surface and other Microsoft products, so if we are in a Microsoft world, this is a good cloud storage app. It’s also cheaper than Dropbox in terms of storage.

Best Messaging/Chat Apps

google hangouts

Google Hangouts – Hangouts is good for anyone who uses Gmail and other Google services. It lets we discuss with your buddies and do video calls with groups of people. Not a unequivocally good chatting app if we unequivocally consider about it, nonetheless given it’s Google, it’s useful.

WhatsApp – If Facebook paid $16 billion for it, we should substantially use it. Just kidding, nonetheless unequivocally useful for anyone who has family outward of a US given a rest of a uses WhatsApp for messaging.

Facebook Messenger – You can use stickers, make giveaway calls, record voice messages and send giveaway calm messages. Messenger is a flattering useful app for gripping in hold with people. Also, it’s Facebook, so everybody we know in a universe will be on it.

Snapchat – If you’re a teenager, afterwards go forward and download as you’ll substantially wish to share inapt cinema of yourself with other inapt teenagers. Good luck.

Best Social Apps

facebook paper

Facebook Paper – Paper is Facebook’s new app that lets we follow your News Feed in a many some-more complicated looking UI. Everything looks improved in a Paper app and it lets we follow renouned news stories on a accumulation of topics.

Twitter – If you’re not on Twitter yet, we unequivocally should burst on a bandwagon. Even if we never post anything, we can get a lot of useful info by following a right people or companies on Twitter. Actually, we get improved patron use from companies by posting on Twitter than by pursuit or emailing nowadays.

LinkedIn – Even if we work for yourself, we should have a form on LinkedIn. It’s a best amicable networking site for professionals. Companies use LinkedIn like crazy for anticipating good talent, so keep tabs on your connectors around a app.

Pinterest – I’m not a outrageous user of Pinterest, nonetheless that creates me an exception. Pinterest has outrageous trade numbers and people seem to adore it. Find engaging things whatever your interests competence be.

Google+ – Google+ isn’t going to ever reinstate Facebook, nonetheless it’s a good complement. The posts on Google+ are some-more discriminating and informative rather than photos of someone’s lunch or babies.

Best Online Video Apps


YouTube – It usually has a many videos in one place in a whole world. Definitely have to download a YouTube app and locate adult on whatever crazy viral video is floating around a web that day.

Netflix – If we have a Netflix subscription, afterwards you’ll wish a iPhone app so we can binge-watch Breaking Bad or House of Cards.

Amazon Instant Video – If we have an Amazon Prime membership, afterwards you’ll wish a Instant Video app to watch all that giveaway calm Amazon offers.

Vine – You can literally spend hours examination ridiculously short, nonetheless excitable videos on Vine. You can also emanate your possess and post it!

Best Note Taking Apps


Evernote – This is a aristocrat of note-taking apps and has a slew of features. You flattering many can’t go wrong with Evernote. It works on all inclination and there are plugins for browsers, applications, etc.

Microsoft OneNote – OneNote is Microsoft’s giveaway note-taking app that we unequivocally like. It’s giveaway on Mac and PC also, so your records will be synced opposite computers, a web and your mobile device.

Best Local Apps

yelp iphone

Yelp – You’ll always need good recommendations for places to eat, etc, so downloading one of a many renouned internal beam apps is smart. Yelp is integrated in Google search, Bing and lots of people leave reviews, that creates regulating it useful.

AroundMe – Another good app for fast anticipating internal businesses around you. While Yelp is some-more focused on food, AroundMe can assistance we find ATMs, hospitals, banks, bars and lots more.

Best Movie Apps


IMDB – Absolutely a best app for removing information about an actor, movie, TV uncover or anything associated to cinema and television. A contingency if we watch any TV or cinema during all.

Fandango – Awesome app for removing internal showtimes and examination film trailers. Pretty many a same as Flixter, nonetheless we like this app better.

Other Best Apps

In further to a above apps, there are some that don’t indispensably fit into one of a categories above. Here’s a confederate of some-more that we find useful.

Chrome Browser – If you’re already a Google user, Chrome has some good facilities to keep all in sync. we also find it faster and improved than Safari.

Google Search – Even if we never use this app to indeed perform a search, we should use it for a Google Now notifications. If you’re a Gmail user, we can bond a dual and get alerts automatically for flights, packages and more.

Skype – Facetime is awesome, nonetheless infrequently we need to video discuss with someone who doesn’t have an Apple device. Skype is a good choice given it’s already so popular.

Find My iPhone – You should really have this commissioned if we have some-more than one Apple device regulating a same iCloud account. It helps me keep lane of all of my family members during any time.

Mint – You substantially have credit cards, right? Bank accounts? Loans? Investments? Mortgage? Keep lane of it all regulating a giveaway Mint app.

Runkeeper – Runkeeper is a usually aptness app I’m mentioning given it’s giveaway and it does an extraordinary pursuit of gripping lane of your runs.

Obviously, this is a brief list of best apps, nonetheless we wanted to keep a list tiny and to a point. we don’t like giving people 10 choices for each singular difficulty given afterwards it’s tough to confirm that one to download. What are some of your favorite giveaway apps that we use daily or regularly? Let us know in a comments. Enjoy!

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