The Caviar Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin Features Vladimir Putin’s Image, Costs $1700 & Is Housed In Titanium

This year’s MWC in Barcelona was full of surprises. Sony launched a Xperia XZ Premium, a device that’s truly high end. It’s got all a required specifications for a tile and is a initial smartphone to underline a 10nm processor. Nokia also done an coming during a show, and managed to beget active consumer seductiveness for a initial time in years. It launched a lot of new inclination and also revamped a iconic Nokia 3310. Now, we’ve got an engaging turn on a device for you. Take a demeanour next for more.

Here’s A Nokia 3310 Premium That Will Cost You $1700 And Feature A Titanium Housing

What can we say. It’s a bizarre and indeterminate universe that we live in. Talking economics, even if there is a smallest of direct benefaction in a market, we can gamble good income it’ll be met with a supply source. Same is a box with a Nokia 3310. The device noted a good hold of nostalgia during a MWC launch. The rodent competition that we’ve termed as a flagship smartphone attention creates us forget that a still probable to promulgate with most easier device.

The 3310 is a medium phone. It’s got a 2MP behind camera, is 12.8mm thick and has a 2.4 in. TFT shade with a fortitude of 240 x 320 pixels. In a battery department, HMD Global throws tact out of a window. The 3310 facilities a talktime life of 22 hours and mount by life of one month. The device is accessible in tone options of Red, Blue, Yellow and Grey. However, infrequently one competence find these to be too paltry for modernized tastes. If so, we’ve got only a device for you.

The Caviar Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin is a chronicle of a 3310 that facilities a titanium housing, bullion pleat opposite a limit and a pattern of Russian boss Vladimir Putin during a back. Because what improved approach to commemorate a boss than fascinating his face on a device that’s prolonged compared with durability. According to a makers of a Supremo Putin, “The lapse of a cult phone from Nokia did not go neglected by Caviar designers, who immediately after a coming of a central information about a new book of a 3310 model, presented their chronicle of a pattern of this phone with gold, giving it luxury, style, and a genuine Russian character.”

All this genuine Russian impression isn’t inexpensive though. This chronicle of a Nokia 3310 will cost we $1700, translated from a cost tab of 99,000 Rubles, But hey, during slightest you’ll make certain that each one is reminded of a Russian boss everytime we make a phone call in their vicinity, or take some photographs. What improved approach to start off a day. Thoughts? Let us know what we consider in a comments territory next and stay tuned for a latest. We’ll keep we updated.

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