Top 10 iOS 10 Tips for a iPhone

It’s been a little while given Apple expelled iOS 10 to a masses and altogether it seems like a good update. we hold off updating until recently usually in box there were any vital bugs in a initial release. Now that I’m regulating it daily, we suspicion we would write adult a few tips on regulating a new OS.

I’m not going to go by what a new facilities are in iOS 10 given you’ve substantially already review about that. Instead, I’m going to speak about some tweaks we can make to a settings and how to get a many out of some of a new features.


Tip #1 – Revert Home Button

The many differing aspect of iOS 10 was a dismissal of Slide to Unlock. Even some-more so than that was a fact that we now have to press a home symbol rather than usually rest your finger on it to clear a phone. we elite a aged process and wanted it back.

Thankfully, Apple put in an choice to concede we to clear iOS 10 by usually resting your finger on a home button. To do this, go to SettingsGeneralAccessibility Home Button and afterwards capacitate a Rest Finger to Open option.


Tip #2 – Raise to Wake

This is a unequivocally little feature, yet something we am regulating all a time now. It should be enabled by default, yet if not, go to Settings Display Brightness and spin on Raise to Wake.


Before iOS 10, a shade would usually light adult if we got a presentation on a close screen, yet with Raise to Wake enabled, we can usually collect adult a phone and a shade will come on for about 1 to 2 seconds. This is good for fast saying any notifications we missed or for unlocking your phone yet carrying to press a Home or energy buttons.

If you’re meditative that this underline will significantly empty your battery, you’d be mistaken. At slightest for me, my battery life has remained a same before and after iOS 10, that was surprising!

Tip #3 – Invisible Ink

You can do all kinds of crazy things in iMessage now, yet one of my favorite facilities is Invisible Ink. It fundamentally lets we form in a normal calm message, yet hides a calm with a visible effect. To see it, we contingency daub on a text.

It’s value observant that a summary stays dark on your phone and a other person’s phone too. In addition, after we daub to unhide it, a summary will turn dark again after a few seconds.


I have found that we use this utterly a bit for promulgation messages we wouldn’t wish anyone else to see on possibly my phone or a recipient’s phone like passwords, financial details, health info, etc.

Tip #4 – Using More Emojis

I privately am not a outrageous emoji user simply given of my age probably, yet also given we find it irritating to have to demeanour by 500 little emojis to find a right one for a text. With iOS 10, a program will try to figure out that emoji is a best to use for a text.


All we have to do is write out your summary and afterwards daub on a smiley face idol (emoji icon) that is located on a bottom of a keyboard. You’ll see certain difference highlighted in orange and if we daub on those words, you’ll get suggested emoji. If we daub on a emoji, it’ll reinstate a word.

It would be good if we could also supplement a emojis to a finish of a summary rather than simply replacing a word, yet altogether it’s still a useful feature.

Tip #5 – 3D Touch Apps

3D Touch has been around given a final iPhone, yet we don’t consider many people use it all that much. Luckily, Apple finished it a bit some-more useful in iOS 10 by permitting apps to arrangement information from a app along with a shortcuts.

As of right now, this underline is mostly usually useful for a default Apple apps, yet it is solemnly gaining traction in other apps. You can also use it on a bottom quarrel of icons in a Control Center.


Basically, any app that has a widget that we can supplement to a home shade can eventually uncover that information when we tough press on a app icon. This doesn’t occur by default, though, so we have to wait until a developer updates a app.

Tip #6 – Search Photos

I’m a outrageous design and video person, so we was unequivocally happy to learn that Apple is finally throwing adult with Google. They are still so distant behind it’s not even funny, yet it’s improved than nothing. In iOS 10, we can finally find photos by person, place or thing.

If we go into Albums, you’ll see dual new options: People and Places.


It’s usually many easier to find a design when we can hunt by a face or by location. In addition, we can also daub on a hunt idol and chairman searches on anything else that competence be in a design like trees, beaches, cars, etc.


Tip #7 – Markup Photos

In a same vein, we can also supplement markup to your photos now directly from a Photos app. Previously, we could usually do this regulating a Mail app. Tap on a print in question, afterwards daub on a little idol with 3 plane lines with circles on them (to a left of a Trash icon) and afterwards daub on a round with a 3 dots.




The underline is utterly dark for some reason and honestly many people wouldn’t even know about it unless they review an essay like this explaining where to look. Hopefully, it gets changed to a some-more distinguished plcae in a destiny refurbish given it’s a fun apparatus to use on your photos.


Tip #8 – Universal Clipboard

This is another one of those little facilities that infer to be useful. This tip is usually for people who have mixed Apple devices, including an Apple computer. In addition, we have to be regulating iOS 10 and macOS Sierra for this to work.

Basically, a concept clipboard lets we duplicate something on one of your Apple inclination and pulp it on another. Also, some calm works over LTE, yet heavier calm requires we to have Bluetooth or WiFi enabled on all a devices. Plus, all a inclination have to use a same iCloud account.


It’s value observant that it works best when we duplicate and pulp text. It works with images, yet AirDrop is a many faster approach to send cinema and video.

Tip #9 – Start Using HomeKit


iOS 10 finally includes a Home app that we can use to control any HomeKit enabled inclination we have. If we have been holding off on a whole intelligent home thing so far, now competence be a good time to demeanour into perplexing HomeKit. I’ve used SmartThings and even yet we like it, we find regulating HomeKit easier given it is now integrated right into my iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

If you’re already heavily invested in a Apple ecosystem, a Home app and compared HomeKit inclination are a good fit. Once we supplement inclination to a app, we can also control them regulating Siri and from a Control Panel tabs.

Tip #10 – Collaborate on Notes

I use Notes all a time, so we was happy to see a new partnership underline that allows we to have others revise a note along with you. I’ve kind of finished this before iOS 10, yet it was usually between a people using the same iCloud criticism as me, that is usually a few members of my family.

Now, we can have anyone with any iCloud criticism entrance my note and make edits. It’s kind of like a common albums underline in a Photos app.


There are a lot of new facilities in iOS 10, yet these are some we have found myself regulating some-more often. If there are any facilities we are regulating regularly, post a criticism here and let us know. Enjoy!

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