Top 5 Absolute Best Keyboard Apps For Your Android Smartphone

The best thing about record these days is a leisure of customization. If we don’t like something on your gadget, afterwards we can get alternatives for that. Same goes for a default apps and interface that comes with a phones, that can be altered with a small outmost assistance (third celebration apps). In this article, we are going 5 best keyboard apps for Android phones that will move a colourful change in a paltry texting apps. These third-party keyboard apps are geared with sparkling and fun facilities that will change a approach we type.

Gboard by Google

It should not warn we that we have listed Google’s keyboard – Gboard on tip of this list. The tech hulk has brought some good changes to a keyboard, and it is now a best contender out there. It has all a facilities that we need while typing, a best one being a in-built Google hunt symbol on a keyboard (G pivotal on a left) that lets we Google anything though withdrawal a app you’re typing in. It has seamless support for languages; a app supports copiousness of languages and emojis. There are also many other facilities such as Voice search, dictation, gesticulate typing, and lot more. So, if we wish to move a poignant change to your typing, afterwards we suggest a Gboard app. And we know what’s a best part? It is totally free! Go forward and try it now.

Download Gboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

Swiftkey is one of a oldest keyboard apps for Android. It has been there longer than any other app, and compartment currently it binds some of a best features. The app offers a accumulation of customization options that would interest to a users who like to examination though keyboard tone and functionality. Swiftkey also provides seamless appropriate typing that comes accessible when we are too idle to form and only wish ideal predictions for your swipes. Another good underline on a app is SwiftKey Cloud, that links to your amicable accounts to lane your many used disproportion in conversations. With a assistance of SwiftKey Cloud, it provides nearby ideal disproportion and emojis suggestions. For many of a functions, SwiftKey is free, though we competence have to bombard out a small volume for in-app purchases like themes.

Download SwiftKey

Swype Keyboard


Swype is one of a oldest rivals of SwiftKey, both a apps have been subjected to comparisons and similarities. Swype offers rather disproportion keyboard knowledge than SwiftKey; it allows users to appropriate for disproportion and sentences. The app also banks on Android’s accessibility collection to yield facilities like TalkBack and Explore By Touch that creates Swype a keyboard that can also be used by visually marred users. Besides, a app also sports gesticulate formed operative for Copy/Cut/Paste functions along with a immeasurable accumulation of themes including disdainful sports themes. Notably, Swype was a initial app to deliver appropriate typing. The app is giveaway to download with some facilities that are subjected to in-app purchase.

Download Swype

Slash Keyboard (Free)

The Slash Keyboard revolves around app integrations. It allows users to bond all apps and services to a keyboard to make media pity easier than ever. With Slash keyboard we only have to form “/” succeeded by a name of a app we wish to share media from, such as pity a GIF from Giphy – form /Giphy and it will move adult GIFs from Giphy. If we wish to share a strain from YouTube, afterwards we will only have to form /youtube Adele, and it will uncover all songs by Adele. Also, users can make their possess condense shortcuts like /work or /home that will move adult particular addresses. Nifty, right?

Download Slash


If your conversations are all about emojis afterwards here is an app that will supplement some-more fun to your typing. It is a by-product of SwiftKey Keyboard and has all a facilities that come with SwiftKey, though a categorical underline is a fun participation of emoji prediction. The app relates appurtenance training to envision emojis good for a conversation. When we form unhappy or happy or any decisive word, afterwards a app suggests relations emojis though we carrying to open a emoji choice and acid for it.

Download Swiftmoji

Phew, we listed a tip 5 keyboard apps that we cruise value trying. Did we skip out on any improved app? If yes, afterwards let us know in a criticism territory below.

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