Use a Smartphone as a Remote for Your TV, Set-Top Box or Console

If there’s one thing we hatred regulating nowadays, it’s a ancient remote control. You’d consider it would be archaic by now, though it still lives on and won’t go divided anytime soon. Thankfully, if we have a device that is sincerely new (a integrate of years old), afterwards we can use your smartphone to control it.

I’m articulate about determining HDTVs, streaming set-top boxes, wire boxes, diversion consoles and a likes. I’m simply too idle and inexpensive to configure and squeeze a concept remote. It works for some people, though I’ve never been means to get any universal remote to control everything, definition we still need several remotes.

I also attempted purchasing an adapter that plugs into my phone, that can control mixed IR devices, though all of them were flaky and couldn’t control all my devices. Finally, we usually motionless that I’m going to download an app for each device we have and control things that way. Surprisingly, this has worked out well.

In this article, I’m going to speak about a opposite apps we can use to control all of your opposite devices. Some apps are unequivocally improved than others, though all flattering many have a same simple remote functionality.

Control HDTVs around Smartphone


If we have a wire TV box, we substantially don’t use your HDTV remote other than to switch a input. If we have a intelligent technician come out to your residence when removing wire installed, they competence even be means to configure that on a wire TV remote.

Luckily, many vital TV manufacturers have remote control apps for their HDTVs, that creates it easy to control a volume, change a channel and switch inputs. One vital difference is Vizio. They have a SmartCast app, though it usually works with a SmartCast HDTV, that they are starting to sell in 2016. It’s absurd they don’t have an app for determining all of their other TVs.

Still, there are many third-party developers who have created apps to control TVs that don’t have central apps from a OEMs. I’m going to list out a opposite apps for some of a vital brands. If we have a opposite TV, usually hunt a app store for a manufacturer of your TV.

Sony Apps:

Official Sony App – Google Play, Official Sony App – iTunes

Remote for Sony TV – Google Play, Sonymote – iTunes

Samsung Apps:

Google Play: Remote for Samsung TV, Samsung Remote Control (IR)

iTunes: myTifi for Samsung, SamRemote, Remotie

Vizio Apps:

Google Play: VizRemote, Remote Control for Vizio

iTunes: Official Vizio SmartCast App

LG Apps:

Official LG App – Google Play

Official LG App – iTunes, Smartify Remote

Panasonic Apps:

Google Play: Official Panasonic TV Remote App, Panasonic TV Remote 2 App

iTunes: Official Panasonic TV Remote 2 App

Control Set-Top and Cable Boxes around Smartphone

Apps for your TV are great, though we substantially spend many of your time regulating a remote for a streaming set-top box or for a wire box. Luckily, central apps for these inclination are vastly improved than a TV apps we usually mentioned.

Let’s start off with set-top boxes like a Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield Android TV and Chromecast. These 5 are flattering many a best set-top boxes now on a market.

Apple TV

apple tv

If we possess a Apple TV, you’ll have to control it regulating an iPhone or iPad since Apple doesn’t have a remote app for Android. The Remote by Apple app will let we navigate around menus and submit calm on your Apple TV. If we have a 4th era Apple TV regulating tvOS, it won’t let we control a volume or use Siri. It also can’t act like a diversion controller like a tangible Siri remote.


roku 4

If we have a Roku, you’ve got some-more options when it comes to determining your Roku player. The app is accessible on flattering many all platforms. What we like about a Roku app is that we can use your voice to hunt for content. It also has a Play on Roku underline that lets we perspective your photos and videos from your smartphone on your TV.

Roku App – Google Play

Roku App – iTunes

Roku App – Windows Store

Amazon Fire TV

amazon glow tv

The Fire TV app is a simple app that has been finished unequivocally well. It’s rated sincerely high in both a Google Play and iTunes App stores. You can use your voice to hunt regulating this app also. Other than that, it lets we control your Fire TV regulating your smartphone.

Amazon Fire TV Remote App – Google Play

Amazon Fire TV Remote App – iTunes

Nvidia Shield Android TV

nvidia defense android tv

The Nvidia Shield is a flattering cold device since it’s approach some-more absolute than all a other set-top boxes and it comes with a bone-fide controller for gaming. Anyway, we can also squeeze a remote for it alone if we like. Luckily, a Android TV Remote Control app will concede we to control some simple functions on a Nvidia Shield Android TV. There is no iOS chronicle of this app.



The Chromecast doesn’t even come with a controller of any kind. It literally can usually be tranquil regulating your smartphone! Nonetheless, they do have a Google Cast app, though it unequivocally doesn’t do all that much. With a Chromecast, we fundamentally open apps that are Chromecast-enabled, that means we usually daub an idol and it’ll tide a calm from that app to your Chromecast.

Google Cast – Google Play

Google Cast – iTunes

If we are a wire TV subscriber, afterwards we are also in luck. Pretty many each wire network has their possess app, that allows we to not usually watch calm on your phone, though also control your wire TV box from your phone.

directv remote

The facilities change extravagantly depending on that TV provider we have. For example, we have DIRECTV and a app is excellent. You can fast see your recordings and daub them to play on your TV. You can also crop a beam and daub on a uncover or channel to start examination it on a TV. Here are a links to a many renouned TV provider apps.



Time Warner Cable TV App

Verizon FIOS Mobile App

Dish Network Anywhere App

Cox Communications Contour 2 App

All of a apps have a lot of other facilities over usually regulating a app as a remote. You can conduct DVR recordings, squeeze on direct movies, etc.

Control Game Consoles around Smartphone

game consoles

Lastly, we can download dedicated apps for a PlayStation and Xbox consoles to not usually control them, though perspective your messages, stats, diversion progress, etc. The PlayStation app is vastly defective to a Xbox SmartGlass app, that usually works so many better, looks so many improved and is usually generally better.

You can literally use a PlayStation app to navigate around menus on your console and that’s about it. You can do a lot some-more things with a Xbox app.

PlayStation App

Xbox SmartGlass App

So if we are ill of regulating so many opposite remotes to control your gadgets, check out all a above-mentioned apps, that creates things a small bit easier, generally for your crony or family member who can’t even figure out that remote turns on a TV! Enjoy!

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